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Essay on “Time is Relative” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Time is Relative

We all know that above title is both true, and not true. We even have phrases that tie into this fact, like, Time flies when you’re having fun.” Sometimes a minute appears to be an hour while sometimes an hour appears to be a minute. The intensity depends on how much you like or dislike an activity you are involved in. Chatting on Internet could fly away your time and you would not realize that you had been seated for four hours, but just imagine four hours of study? You would think that you had been studying the whole day. Time is relative We all know that a minute can seem like an eternity when you are waiting for a street-light, when you are waiting for your lover but ten minutes can pass in an immediate if you are playing a favourite game. Sports provides us with the most incredible examples of relative time, where time out and clock stoppages can cause the last 2 minutes of a football game last for 30 minutes, or the last 30 seconds of a basketball game last for 10 minutes.

Our view of time depends on the event in question. Six months is a short time to be married, but a long time between visits to your favourite restaurant. Or it can depend on the occurrence of the event. Since you go out to lunch everyday, two weeks is long time between visits to your favourite burger joint, but two months is a very short time between visits to the dentist. Our anticipation of an event can either shorten or lengthen the time leading up to it. If you are looking forward to something, then time may stretch out and seem to pass slowly. But, of course, an event that holds some fear will rush forward, even though we might wish it to arrive more slowly. And, of course, the consequence to the rule above is that any exciting or fun activity will seem to fly by, and any boring activity will seem to move at a snail’s pace. We have few enough minutes in our lives that it seems a waste to pass them worrying about the passage of time. Soon enough, the years will catch up with all of us, and we will wish that we had some of those minutes back. So, first, be part of your own present. Be present in your own life. Remember to enjoy the moment. Much of the true enjoyment of life is in living each moment. So many people go through life with blinders on. They do not experience the variety of life. They shut themselves away in their homes, and turn on the TV. They lock themselves in their cars, with the AC and radio on, completely disconnected from the world around them. The walk through life with headphones on, or a cell phone plastered to their head, and they fail to experience the variety, and yes, often, the beauty of the world that lies all about them. Turn off your radio, and listen to the sounds of life. Do you really know what your engine sounds like? Do you see the birds that fly over your head? Do you see the trees that you walk past? Do you hear the voices that surround you? Turn off your cell phone, and talk to the person next to you. You might make a new friend and on a very practical note, for those times when standing in line, or waiting for your number to be called are unavoidable, bring a book. You will be amazed how much reading you can do while waiting for things to happen.


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