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Essay on “The Worst Journey I Have Ever Made” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Worst Journey I Have Ever Made

Outline: Introduction — how I missed the train — the inconveniences of travelling by the next train — some other bitter experiences.

It is said that when misfortunes come, they come in battalions. I experienced, in a minor way, the truth of this dictum when I happened to travel to Delhi last year.

As I was feeling bored during the Diwali vacation, I decided to go to Delhi. I wrote to my old friend Anil who lived in Delhi, asking him to receive me at the station at.6 p. m. on 25th October. With great difficulty I managed to reserve a seat in the Frontier Mail leaving Mumbai in the evening on 24th October.

Things began to go wrong even before I left Mumbai. I live at Khar. At 4 p.m. I and my sister, who insisted on accompanying me to Bombay Central to see me off, boarded a Church gate bound suburban train, but the train, for some mysterious reason I could not discover, stopped for an indefinite time at Dadar. We got down and went to Bombay Central by a taxi. As I was paying the taxi fare, I asked my sister to go to the platform and locate my compartment, as little time was left for the departure of the train.

After I had paid the taxi fare, I ran to the platform. As bad luck would have it, in my nervous flurry, I happened to go on platform No. 11 instead of platform No. 10 from where the Frontier Mail was to leave. Even, though I searched frantically for my sister and my compartment, I could not find them there and naturally so. I did not realize my mistake until the Frontier Mail on the next platform had left and I saw my sister looking bewildered and sad.

The trouble I had taken to reserve my seat ended up in smoke. I sent a telegram to my friend that I would be coming by the next train and bade good-bye to my sister. After four long hours I succeeded in forcing my way into a crowded compartment of the Janata Express. I had to stand until the train reached Baroda. Although I then got a seat, it was impossible to doze or have a wink of sleep. The journey was an ordeal, as the compartment was noisy and so crowded that there was hardly any freedom of movement. The train reached Delhi two hours behind schedule. So great was my faith in postal efficiency that I hoped to see my friend on the platform. But, to my dismay, he was not to be seen. As I knew that my friend’s house was not very far from the station, I hired a taxi to go there. The taxi raced through complicated streets and reached my friend’s house after an unexpectedly long time. I had to pay Rs. 203/- as taxi fare. This was the last straw. When at last I met Anil, he told me that he had not received the telegram!

Difficult Words: Dictum – saying. flurry -hurry. ended up in smoke – ended in nothing.


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