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Essay on “The Role of the Police” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Role of the Police


Police in the Service of Society


The Positive Role of Police


The police is often painted black. The common man believes that the role of the police is almost always negative.

It is true that many policemen are corrupt. A huge amount of money has to be coughed out by a hapless person even to get an FIR registered. Many policemen harass the innocent citizens to extract money from them through one excuse or the other. The policemen are often painted black in most of the pictures, TV serials and skits and dramatic presentations.

All this note withstanding, the role of the police is not all that negative. The positive role of the police is hardly ever appreciated. If there are so many corrupt policemen there are at least some honest ones also there.

It should be admitted that the duty of the policemen and officers is very hard. To run after the thieves, burglars, dacoits and murderers is not that easy and simple and is always fraught with danger.

Even more dangerous is the duty of the police personnel when they have to fight terrorists and other well-equipped and armed dangerous anti-social elements. Many policemen have even to pay with their lives in encounters with such people.

The police has to maintain law and order at all costs. Fighting and controlling communal riots and the Mob on a frenzy is an uphill task that requires skill besides courage and bravery. Sometimes, the policemen have to save people at the time of some calamity or disaster such as fire, flood etc.

Sometimes, policemen have to face and fight cases for violation of human rights. We must bear in mind that all the safety in our houses and at workplaces we have, is mainly because of the police force in its varied forms and formations.


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