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Essay on “The prize distribution function in our college” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The prize distribution function in our college

            The Annual Prize Distribution Function of our college was held on Last Saturday. The director of public instruction Punjab presided at the function.

            The function was held in the college hall. The hall was tastefully decorated. Chairs for the Chief Guest, the principal and the vice principal were placed on the stage. There was good seating arrangement foot eh students, prize winners and the guests from the town.

            The Chief Guest arrived at 2 P.M. He was welcomed by the principal and the members of the staff at the college gate. He was introduced to the members of the staff. Then the Chief Guest, the principal and the teaching staff went in a procession to the hall. They all wore black gowns. The procession added grace to the function. All the persons present in the hall stood up when the procession entered the hall.

            Then the members forming the procession took their seats. The others in the hall also took their seats. Then the actual function started. The principal read out the annual report of the college. The report gave a good account of the progress made by the college.

            Then the Chief Guest gave away the prizes. After all the prizes were given away, the Chief Guest made an impressive speech. He congratulated the prize winners on their fine performance. He advised them to realize the value of their time.

            Then the Chief Guest took his seat. The principal thanked him for presiding at the function. Then the function came to an end. Afterwards the prize winners had tea with the Chief Guest.


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Prize Distribution

Prize distribution is one of the important functions of a school. It is a memorable event of the institution. It is held generally a few days before the examinations and marks the end of the academic year. The function in our school was held in the first week of July. It was held in the school hall. The director of education was invited to preside over the function. The rooms were whitewashed and cleaned./The school compound was decorated with flower pots and banners. Maps, pictures and paintings were hung on the walls. Chairs were arranged for the visitors. The stage was beautifully decorated. Prizes were arranged neatly on a separate table. The prize-winners sat near the stage. The chief guest arrived exactly on time. He was received by the principal and other members of the staff at the gate. The school band played the national anthem. The scouts gave him a guard of honour. He was taken to the hall by the principal and members of the committee. A song preceded the function. It was followed by a short drama. The principal read the annual report about the progress, examination results and extra-curricular activities of the school. The chief guest gave away the prizes. I also won a prize for standing first in my class. After that the chief guest delivered a short speech. He praised the school for its all- round progress and talked to the students about their duties and responsibilities.

The principal thanked the chief guest and the function came to an end amidst cheers.


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