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Essay on “The Power of Habit” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Power of Habit

It is through the power of habit that every act we do affect over character. This is why habit is called second nature; habit adds new tendencies, which became an important part in the sun total of once character.

The tendency to repeat too action that we have been in the habits of doing is seer in our most trivial concern, as well as in more important matter, as well as in more important matter.

People get into habit of sitting, standing and lying in certain postures, which are then said to be characteristics.

Knowledge of the power of habit is the chief means by which animals are trained to be useful to man. It is by habit that the Gavaly house is trained wild to keep his place in the same way as his horse, to give rapid obedience to the word of command.

The importance of habit is just as great in forming moral character as in the training of soldier and horses to automatic obedience to the word of command. All moralists recognize the fact that it is possible for men to became better or worse by the cultivation of good or bad habits, infact, that it is just this while makes moral progress and deterioration possible. A man who yields to temptation may at first do so with reluctance, but after yielding once or twice, resistance become more difficult until at last by continues submission he is to completely enslaved that has no control over his evil passions. On the contrary, if he had conquered the first temptation, his will would have thereby become stranger, and after frequent victories, he would have been so habituated to self- control that the temptation, which had first tried him, would have lose then attractive power and then he might have led his moral will, strengthened by the habit of victory, to still greater moral efforts.


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