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Essay on “The Girl Child” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Girl Child

Essay No. 01

The very fact that the girl child has become a topic of discussion and debate, points to the fact that this is something different to the other of the human species. The girl has always and everywhere been considered to be the lesser of the two beings of the human species. Why this has come to be, is beyond our comprehension, but the fact remains that, the girl has not only been considered as the lesser but has always been really neglected also. It cannot be imagined how this situation came into being but the sadder and more shocking situation is when in the 20th. In the century we call ourselves highly civilized, cultured and educated and all else, the girl still finds it more and more difficult to subsist on this Planet. This situation is a worldwide phenomenon, the difference being only in the degree of suppression of the girl. Even today we hear of crimes and ill-treatment of women and that also in an advanced country like the United States. This being a worldwide phenomenon, it is increasingly disheartening to see it take the shape of a demon in India. It is true that India is a third-world country but, this is one country that has held women in high esteem and respect.

In a country like India with such an ancient civilization where it is believed that women were worshipped, such a sad situation having developed in the status of women is really shocking. Even our sacred books point to the fact that Indians believed that, a country where women are not respected, can never prosper and progress. It is with this background that, it becomes absolutely shocking to note the rising crimes against women and the deteriorating position of women in the Indian social scenario. Even now, when we see women in the outside world the earlier concept that women are mere chattels, laborers, and child-producing machines still persist to destroy the rising image of the women. When this is the status granted to women even today, it is no wonder that India is continuously on the decline in most of its developmental aspects.

The girl child has always been derided, for, the very day of her birth in a family, is the day of the doom of the family, and so, automatically, when this is the welcome accorded to her, what could be awaiting her for her to enjoy through life. When we neglect the girl, we are forgetting that we are not neglecting the individual girl, but we are neglecting the very fountain of existence, and also all the finer aspects of life which in reality make this life worth living. Is there any doubt that it is the women who give love, sacrifice and all happiness to the man involves, and above all the girl gives the man service till she lives, and what a tragedy of life that it is the same man who misuses her goodness and service. Should this not be a matter of shame for man and his world. The very woman who gives man all that she has, in her role as a wife and a mother especially, should be so maltreated? This speaks volumes of man, and his character and conduct.

Practically speaking also, let us understand that, by suppressing women, even mathematically, the world is at a loss of growth. A country’s progress is bound to be scuttled when half the population of girls and women are kept below average standards of existence. The girl is not allowed to be educated, she is not given any freedom of expression, action, or thought and she continues to remain uncared for and a forlorn individual. It is shocking to realize that, the society that neglects the women, does not seem to realize that, an unhappy daughter, an unhappy wife and, and an uncared-for mother can never add to a family’s happiness and growth. It is certain that, if this half of the human population is considered as relevant to the existence, the progress of the other half will automatically become double fold. This is simple mathematics of progress that seems to be missed upon, by the other half. In this, of course, there are vested interests involved at least now, at this stage of the growth of the girl in the 20th Century

Now when the male of the human species is so used to domination. they are sure to resent the rise of the other oppressed half, as, they can see their domination being brought to naught. So, what is happening to the girls now is that, though the awakening to their rights has come among women, they are finding it an uphill task to fight it out with the authority of men, who are naturally not liking the coming up of women. On the other hand, the man, who always thought that he was the superior being, finds it rather taxing to adjust to the idea of women coming up to their standards.

In this scenario, the girl child has a double fold war front to fight it out for herself-one being the older woman who does not allow the girl to rise, as, they do not seem to understand the need for it, and the other is the male counterpart who has the fear of seeing her become an equal as, this will snatch away from the man his centuries-old platform of domination from him. In reality, what the present situation is in India is also true about the whole world but of course, it is not as bad as it is in India and this is because of lack of education among the girls.

The girl child who has till now been an object of disgust, hate, and wrath should become an object of care and nurture. This can happen only if and when both women and men develop an attitudinal change and realize the fact that, the girl is also as much of a human being as the boy, with her own desires and aspirations and capacities. She should not be treated as a mere item of possession but taken as an equal partner in the country’s destiny. Only when this happens can a country take a true recourse to progress.

However, even today when the girls are being educated and taking up careers they still remain as second in the two-Why? This is because we are not able to understand the fact that, men and women are two partners, with distinct qualities and capacities meant to supplement and complement each other rather than one being the first and the other being the second. Only if we could take in this basic issue this war of nerves of acquiring the first position by either, would stop forthwith. By now, it is amply clear that even being financially independent does not make women more or even equal to men. The one thing that is to understand, why does the girl has to be equal to the boy, she should have a position of her own in the family and the society, and the boy has his own. It would be best for us to remember that a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy, and never the two can be the same. They do not have to be the same or equal, they are just individuals with their own responsibilities, have their own importance, and deserve the same respect and love, and adoration.

Only when we start realizing this fact, that, a girl is also as much of a human as a boy, with her own feelings and aspirations, we will be able to end this long-standing struggle for the girl child. Why should there be any need for us to make such a fuss about the girl? She is also a human, that is all that we have to remember, and that will end all the strife for her.


The Girl Child

Essay No. 02 

At least in India, the girl child has been a topic of discussions and debates for the past several decades but, even today, the position appears to remain unchanged. The girl was always an unwanted child, and was found killed at birth. With the advancement of Science and Technology this killing has only gone still further for now the girl child is being killed even before birth. 

The present scenario in which the girl child is mercilessly killed even before birth, does not speak too well about the fate of this species. The scenario is so varied that, it is really difficult to understand what we are really doing or trying to do in this regard. On the one hand we see girls entering in the fields of all kinds of professions holding senior positions in offices, becoming engineers, doctors, managers etc. We are obviously impressed and are likely to believe that, the position of the girl is now after all not too bad. However, the complexity of the problem becomes malicious when we see that, together with girls entering professions there is a simultaneous and continuous rise in the graph of crimes against women. Why and how do these two sides of the same problem co-relate, is a mind-boggling situation. 

This situation is true of the urban area where education and freedom is given to girls -‘ to a great extent, but even this growth of this class does not really bear any testimony to the equality of girls with boys. 

The rural areas consisting of the major chunk of the Indian ” population see no yes absolutely no change in the general attitude towards girls. In the villages, girls are not sent to schools and, if at all they are, they drop out after an year or two of schooling. Here, the myth still remains that, education is useless for girls they have to concentrate on housework, childbearing, and child bringing up all through life and all this, it is believed needs no education. The village people are hard to convince that education of women is as important if not more important than the education of men. In the village, the girl child has no say in anything in the home, not even things of her own concern she is, even today in the 21st Century treated as an object to be used instead of an individual human being with all the ingredients of human beings like her counterparts the boy. She, even today remains to have the status of an object to be used or dispensed with at the whims and fancies of her male family members. With this psyche of the average Indian adult, I personally see no light at the end of the dark tunnel. In my view, even for the urban areas, the prospects of the girl child are not too bright as, even while women are acquiring status and positions in the office firstly, they do not get the respect the male counterparts get in the offices. Besides no matter what status a woman may achieve outside home, inside the home she, by and large remains a chattel. When this is the ground reality of the girl at home and outside the home it appears that, even education and financial independence have not helped women really enhancing their status viz-a-viz the status of men.

Let us analyse as to why this peculiar situation persists and how we should deal with it. My personal view is that the rise of women and the crime against women going hand in hand is a paradox but not difficult to understand. It is very clear that, the men who have held the fort single handedly for centuries, would obviously not like to give up their importance, or even share it with women. It is they who resent this rise of the heads of women and so, before women rise to unchallengeable heights the ogre of man wants to crush them. This he does by using his God gifted physical strength and it is this reason that, crimes against women are now on the rise. The woman who was earlier battered because she was considered a lesser being is now living battered because she is a potential challenge to man’s unquestioned supremacy through the past several centuries. Thus, the position remains unchanged even after education and financial independence. 

To my mind, there is no single package that could improve matters l or the girl child/ woman except that men change their attitude towards women. Unless men start regarding women as their equal partners, in the growth of humanity this differentiation between men and women shall continue unabated. No single item of achievement like education, profession, legal rights or even the mixture of all these will work out a solution the only feasible solution is the change of mind, the change of attitude of the men towards women. Till this is done, no amount of teaching, preaching or bargaining will help the girl child. At this juncture when we talk of attitude, I must add that even women have to change their attitude towards the girl child/ women. At least partly women are themselves responsible for their position. As women it is they who pamper their sons and husbands till they begin to believe that they are really superior beings. Let us all, men and women change our attitudes in this regard and, I am sure it will reap pleasant results.


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