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Essay on “The Euro has arrived” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Euro has arrived


       Synopsis:  The euro, a single and common currency for eleven European countries was launched at mid-night of 31st December, 1998. Greece was not admitted to the euro while Sweden, Denmark and Brittan opted out, however, they will join it by 2001-2003. The event was hailed as the most ambitious scheme of the millennium and launched with fret enthusiasm.  It has integrated all the me] amber nations into a great economic power and common union,  Till 2001 all euro transaction would  be in electronic means as there would be n o euro coins and notes, but there is every likelihood that euro coins and notes by introduced earlier than the stipulated date.

            The launch of the euro has been termed as the most ambitious and famous project and programme of this millennium.  But a few years ago there were many skeptics and the detractors who thought the common currency scheme for the Europe was merely a wishful thinking and utopian project no likely to come to function so soon.  However, this begets economic event of our times was celebrated with great enthusiasm, fanfare champagne and celebrations in the European capital, Really, the launch of euro has been a landmark and an epoch-making event n many respects but particular n the sense that it has brought many7 European nations economically closer ad bound them not a common bound who were once at war with one another. 

            Cellular phones were introduced in India in 1995.  It is a system that helps you to move around while consersingove a large service Ares, say a few cities or even a country.  A telephone user can make or receive calls to or from other cellular phones, or to ordinary stationary telephones through the local telephone exchange and the public telephone network.  Another system which is very useful is a multimedia notebook.  There are number of models to suit your needs. One model allows you to connect with an analogue phone, while the other with integrated infrared communication capacity lets you transfer files without cables.

            Things are changing fast and on a vast scale and cannot be overlooked.  In metros like Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi etc. the distances between residences and offices and between offices and other working places are too wide. Then there are traffic problems.  In all these circumstance, office automation is a must and the sooner it is done the better. Office automation is aloe valuable in terms of working out of officers at homes and doing extra office-work away from the office.  The concept of “mobile office” is gaining ground and more and more corporate and none=corporate sectors are adopting it.

                        Even after 50 years of our independence we are still follwi9ng the age old British system of educational and examination while the British themselves have changed their system.  It is a kind of mental slavery; As a result education has become a source of torture instead of learning, enlightenment and joy.  The backs are bent of the small children with the heavy burden of their school bags and anxiety can lot sans, hope, guidance and encouragement.  They commit suicide, turn violent and indiscipline or take to evil practices because of poor performance in the tests and examinations.  The questions are often though, vague, length6, out of syllabus and too general.  The present systems of written examinations is no test at all of a student’s abilities, skills, intelligence and grasp of the subject, it promotes bookish knowledge, rote-learning and dependence on luck.  There is a lot of subjectivity in the paper-setting and evaluation of answer books.  The whims of both of them can cause havoc with the examinees.  They may suffer from prejudices and mental gravitations and fixations.  The yardsticks differ from examiner to examiner.  An examinee may suffer from illness, bad mood or some such other physical or mental stress and may perform poorly in the examination though he or when may be a very good student with thorough knowledge of the subject.

            Success in the examination has, more or less, become a matter of chance that that of learning, labour and perseverance. It has turned examination and studies into a pure speculation.  Throughout the year students idle away their time and a few weeks before examination they mug up some important and expected question or resort to copying.  The good, hardworking students are at great disadvantage because of the prevailing system of examination.  It encourages rote-learning which is forgotten as soon as the examinations are over.  It has become a game of mere memory which relegates assimilation and integration of genuine knowledge and learning to nothing.  In this age of computers what is the use of storing facts and figures and bits of knowledge in the mind for the occasion of examination; it is sheer waste of human resources.  This system is not conducive at all to the development of skills, abilities; required aptitude and transfer of knowledge form the areas of learning to practical life.  It does not help in developing self-reliance’s and self-stuffy.  Consequently the market is full of cheap notes and tuition shops.

            The Euro Big bang has been proclaimed as the biggest single event of our lifetime.  It has been described in many glowing terms.  One expert says it is like watching the Berlin Wall coming down.  This biggest and the political interactionmaong he member countries and the rest of the world.  We need to tread carefully because Euro spiels many new challenges as well. One may revle in the grandeur of euro but not without caution, care and discretion.


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