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Essay on “The Cost of Corruption” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Cost of Corruption


       Synopsis:  Corruption in India is widespread.  The corrupt people are in high places and positions and have a call out.  These tainted BT powerful people have closes links with dons, mafias and antisocial elements.  Their nexus with criminals has been laid bare by the Vera Committee Report.  Consequently India’s internal an external security is in great danger. Because of this nexus, the criminals are allowed to flee the country.  Many criminals and terrorists operate from foreign countries and the government fails to seek their extradition.

            There is an urgent need to protect the country form these corrupt people who have become a dangerous threat to India’s security, industrial development, social growth and justice.  Corruption threatens our internal s well as external security,  The mafias, criminals and he key persons in the terrorist activates are allowed to flee the country, and no serious attempt is made to extradite the criminal kingpins operating from foreign countries. 

            The Patronage to perpetrators of sensational crimes from political bigwigs, both at the Centre and jinn the States, is now an acknowledges fact. The widespread corruption is eating into three vitals of our country. As a result of it hardly 15 per cent of the enormous amount spent on public welfare schemes reaches the target and the rest is used in lining the pockets of the agents, middlemen, bureaucrats and politicians.  It is hampering the industrial growth and social development.  Because of this evil the foreign investment is not flowing into the country as it should have been.

            The vicious circle of corruption is becoming wider and still wider.  It has innumerable faces and forms   the alleged dealings and payments to extremist outfits like ULFA and the National Democratic Front of Badland in Assam by some tea companies including TATA TEA add another dimension to the problems of corruption and tee cost paid by India in terms of huge losses of men and materials. The news brings to light the alleged links of tea companies with the secessionist outfits in Assam on the one hand and on the other highlight the impotence of the State Government in tackling the insurgency and providing security to the industries. 

            There are anti-corruption a Acts, rules and regulations, investigation agencies and law-enforcement establishments.  But they find themselves very heckles before the powers of money, muscle and manipulation of the people involved in the corruption and underhand dealings.  These investigating agencies and vigilance bodies suffer from many handicaps.  They are unable to check corruption at higher levels.  As such, there is an urgent need to wage another freedom struggle against corruption by the public.  Only a mass movement on the lines and of the magnitude of independence struggle can stem the rot.  In such critical times, it is natural that Jai Parkas Marian, the patron saint of India of the post-Emergency era, is fondly remembered.


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