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Essay on “The choice of a profession” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The choice of a profession

Essay No. 01

In the olden days, it was not difficult to choose a profession. A son could easily take up the profession of his father. But the choice of a suitable profession is a problem these days. An Indian student is like a rolling stone gathering no moss. He goes on moving from one profession to another. Today he is a typist, tomorrow he becomes a school teacher and the day after tomorrow he is an insurance agent.

The choice of a profession is really a difficult decision to make because the future happiness of an individual depends upon the choice of a suitable profession. So one should not choose a profession without thinking properly about it. One should be very careful about the choice of a profession.

The choice of a profession depends on one’s taste and temperament. Once can think a number of professions. They are the administrative services, business, law, politics, engineering, medicine and teaching. I do not want to become an administrative officer because an administrator has to be a tool in the hands of ministers. Business offers no rest from work. Law has no attraction for me because a lawyer is said to be a liar. I feel that legal profession does not suit men of honesty. I have no liking for the medical profession. Engineers are more machines than human beings. Politics also is a dirty game of dishonest men. Besides, it is meant for the rich who have a lot of money and time to waste.

I do not like to enter government service. I am an independent minded individual. I do not like the discipline of a government job. I do not like to enter the defense services of the country. I have no liking for the soldier’s profession.

I think that I am meant for college lecturer ship. I am studying English language and literature with great deal of interest. The dignity and leisure of a college lecturer’s life are great advantages. A college lecturer is cheerful and contended. I would love to be college lecturer.


Essay No. 02


The Choice of a Career



The choice of a career or profession is not easy. It has become all the more difficult for want of adequate guiding and counselling services in India. Most of the young men and women in search of job and professions are groping in the dark. They suffer from indecision, lack of orientation and guidance. The ever increasing problem of unemployment has further worsened the situation. Consequently, the youth feels hopeless and frustrated.

The choice of a right career is of fundamental importance in one’s life. A correct choice may result in success, happiness and bright future, while a wrong choice may lead to unhappiness, failure and gloom. The result of indecision may prove still worse. The matter of choosing a profession should be decided as early as possible. It is better if one decides at the school stage what profession or occupation one is going to adopt. But the school-going students are not the best judge in the matter. They are immature and so need guidance, help and counsel of parents, teachers and experts on the subject. The aptitude of the students should be given due consideration while choosing a career for them. If they are provided proper vocational guidance at this stage, they can wisely choose a profession in accordance with their aptitude, capability and financial resources. This will also help in solving the problem of unemployment to a great extent.

Life has become very complex these days and there is a cut-throat competition in the field of employment. The students who are quite bright and intelligent also find it difficult to have  suitable jobs for themselves, after graduation or completion of their professional courses. They find themselves standing at a cross-road, and do not know which career they should choose. Gone are the days when life was simple, easy and smooth and needs limited. There were traditional professions in every family. The son followed his father’s profession, and he was trained in the vocation at home. With the rapid progress in industry, trade, commerce and technology our needs have increased many times and life has become complex.

There are many professional colleges, institutions, polytechnics, industrial training institutes, etc., which give training in various trades, skills and professions. Therefore, the selection of a “right profession and right institution has become difficult and needs full consideration. There are many professions such as law, teaching, engineering, technical trades, business, commerce, computer programming, government positions, positions in armed forces, and then opening of one’s own shop, factory or workshop. Then one can go in films and acting, or for commercial art or become a Stenographer. But all these professions require special aptitude, training and know-how. One cannot choose an occupation at random.

Choice of a career is not merely a ‘patter of one’s likes and dislikes. There are many other major factors to be taken into consideration. Besides mental makeup, capability and interest, the financial resources have also to be taken into consideration. Suppose one wants to become a doctor or an engineer, and one is well qualified to enter a medical or engineering college, but lacks required financial backing. In such a situation, one will have to settle for some less ambitious career. The change of a career, because of any reason, in the middle can prove disastrous. Therefore, a career should be chosen very carefully and with full deliberation and proper consultations with parents, teachers, friends and experts.

If you are adventurous,, bold and daring, you can choose a military or a police career. There, your abilities and aptitude will find full scope to flourish and blossom into bright success. If you have a liking for studies, quite and thoughtful life, you can choose teaching line in a college or school. If you have an aptitude for analysing, discussing, arguing and reasoning you can become a successful lawyer. Again, if you want to grow rich and important, and have sufficient resources you can choose business as your career. You can enter politics, fight an election and become a prominent leader, if this suits your temperament. The choice is yours, and it is very vast, but it needs a very careful selection. Once the choice is made, there is no scope for change. In determining your career and profession you must be logical and rational. You have to be practical and never overbold to ignore the actual limits of your powers and capacities. The choice really makes all the difference. One should never mistake a mere liking for a real talent for a particular profession. Over-enthusiasm, lack of discretion, over-ambition and want of proper consultations some-times lead young men and women into paths they are incompetent to tread successfully.

Once you have chosen the career, the path of your professional life, you must tread it with full determination, perseverance and tenacity of purpose. The goal should always be in your view, clear and bright. Often there would be difficulties, specially in the initial stages but they can be overcome, but you must plod on with a high spirit and a sense of fulfilling the mission of your life. It has rightly been observed that it is not bad to make shoes, but it is certainly bad to make bad shoes. Put your best in your profession you have chosen. Excellence should be your aim. The vision of excellence is one of the greatest keys to bright success in any career.


Essay No. 03


Choosing a Career

Casual approach in choosing a career or profession can prove very harmful. It reflects indecision, lack of dedication, purpose and carelessness. Gone are the days when birth, caste, heredity and family decided one’s career. One followed the footsteps of one’s father in India. Now, life is very complex and these are the days of specialization. There is an infinite variety of professions and jobs, which may lead one to confusion and bewilderment. It makes the choice of a career all the more difficult. The lack of proper guidance and counseling further worsens the situation. Consequently, young men and women are seen groping in the dark and making wrong career-choices. The ever-increasing number of job-seekers, ill-equipped to make right decisions in the matter, has generated a lot of frustration, hopelessness, alienation, unrest and acts of indiscipline. It also means a waste of human resources and national wealth.

The right and timely choice of a career is of fundamental importance. It is so crucial that the future success or failure of a person depends on it. A correct choice of career may lead to success, happiness and prosperity, while a wrong and late one may lead to sorrow, repentance, failure and lifelong frustration. The fruits of wrong and late decisions are numerous and bitter. To avoid these, one should try to choose one’s career as early as possible, preferably at the high school stage, according to one’s aptitude and resources. But school-going students are not the best judges in the matter as they are immature and inexperienced. They need sincere guidance, counseling and help, which can be very well provided by the teachers, counselors, elders, and professional experts in the field.

Young people are ambitious and impatient. They aspire for top positions and careers without taking considering their skills, intellectual capacities, aptitudes, financial and other resources. A young man or woman may hitch his or her wagon to a top post or to the I.A.S. but may end up as a petty clerk or a receptionist. One may desire to become a star in the film-world and may end up as a mere casual artist or helper in the industry, or even worse. Choosing a profession for life is a little more than building castles in the air. It is no use shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the bull’s eye. Vain efforts, ill-considered decisions and ill-conceived plans lead to repentance, failure, frustration and waste of national talent.

Our defective education and examination system and policies have further added to the confusion. What is needed now are immediate and fundamental changes in our education system, to vocationalise and diversify it at secondary level by introducing knowledge and skills that may enable a student to take up remunerative work without necessarily having to go in for higher education. There should be plenty of vocational courses to choose from at the +2 level. There should also be counseling and guidance services in each and every secondary school to help students in choosing their careers according to their aptitudes, skills, qualification and resources.

There are many training institutions, polytechnics, industrial training centres and professional colleges but they are not of much help in the absence of career guidance services. Therefore, the selection of the right profession and right institution has become difficult and complex and needs full consideration and professional approach. There are many careers and professions, such as teaching, engineering, law, technical trades, business, commerce, computer programming, banking, finance, journalism, publication, government employment, positions in police and armed forces, besides starting one’s own shop, factory or workshop. Then, one can choose acting, films, commercial art, photography or become a stenographer. But each and every profession requires special skill, training and knowhow. One cannot choose a career at random.

Choosing a career is no more a matter of one’s likes and dislikes. There are many other factors to be considered. Besides mental make-up, capability and interest, the financial resources also have to be taken into account. One may want to become a doctor, executive, business entrepreneur or a computer engineer and may be well qualified to enter a medical, business or engineering college, but cannot do so if financial resources and the required means are lacking. In such a condition one will have to settle for some humble and less ambitious career. Change of career midstream may prove very risky, and so, a career should be selected very carefully and with full planning and deliberation and consultations with parents, teachers, elders, friends and professionals.

One can take to politics if one has an aptitude for public life and skills to make the people listen and follow. You need not pay heed to the saying that politics is the last refuge of the scoundrels. There have been many highly noble souls and personalities in politics. Take for example, Gandhiji, Pt. Nehru, Deshbandhu Chitranjan Das or Aruna Asaf Ali or Sarojini Naidu, to name only a few. It is a profession full of ups and downs, sudden reversals of fortunes and, at times, long drawn out struggle and strife. If you possess staunch optimism, strong determination, ambition for fame and popularity and are prepared to face the worst and yet turn it into the best, you are well-suited for the career of a politician. Similarly, if you are adventurous, bold and dashing, you can choose a military or a police career. There your abilities, skills, and aptitude, etc. will find full scope to flourish and blossom. If you have an aptitude for studies, books, magazines, learning and teaching, you may join the teaching profession as a teacher in a school or a lecturer in a college. Again, if you have enough money and resources and want to grow rich, you can choose to start your own business. The choice is yours but needs a very careful selection, for once you have chosen a career, it is not possible or advisable to retrace your steps. While choosing a career one stands at a cross roads, with many roads converging on the point and you have to decide which one to take. Once the die is cast, there is no way out. In deciding your career, you have to be practical, logical, rational, and shrewd. This is a crucial choice which will make or mar your future and also that of others who depend upon you.


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