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Essay on “The Art of Feng-Shui” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Art of Feng-Shui

The origins of Feng Shui, which literally means ‘wind and water’, go back at least 4,000 years in Chinese history. Its foundation was and still is, the understanding that the arrangement of our surroundings exerts a powerful influence upon the well-being of our lives.The fundamental purpose of Feng Shui practice was to locate suitable sites protected from harmful energies, on which to construct dwellings where the inhabitants would thrive, enjoying good health, family harmony, happiness, prosperity and abundant harvests.The ancient Chinese Masters achieved this by observing the land forms and dragon lines (underground earth energy lines). They also took into account cosmic cycles, sought the balance of Yin and Yang and ensured that the flow of beneficial Chi was harnessed whilst harmful Chi was deflected, so that people lived in harmony with their natural environment. The ancient concept of Yin and Yang and the presence of Chi are also fundamental to Feng Shui today.

Chi is far more complex than the western word ‘energy’. It is a  combination of both real and abstract moving forces, the vital cosmic breath emanating from everything in the universe— energy from the earth’s magnetic field, sunlight, the position of the planets at any given time, cosmic radiation, the movement and quality of air that circulates around us, colours, the form of objects and the flow of our thoughts and emotions. So Chi influences how a place feels and how we respond in it. Supportive Sheng Chi brings us abundance, stability, health, harmony and success. Destructive Sha Chi will surely lead to illness, disharmony, unhappiness, and financial loss.

Rooted in the I Ching (Book of Changes), Yin and Yang represent the constantly changing opposing patterns of life, dark and light, female and male, cold and hot, negative and positive, passive and active, earth and heaven and so forth. Within each an element of the other exists and both interact to produce harmony and balance, but with too much of either the harmonious equilibrium is unbalanced.

Today it is ,rarely possible to have the perfect setting for a building because of existing planning coupled with the impact of less than ideal urban living. However, Feng Shui’s ancient philosophy is currently having a strong influence on design and decor trends towards uncluttered surroundings and harmonious living. We have all experienced feeling an atmosphere—good or bad—as soon as we walk into a building. The Feng Shui of any place is a significant part of that feeling. When we relate comfortably to our environment we feel more balanced and positive so we are better able to harness positive outcomes. Living in harmony with the supportive natural forces of our surroundings is fundamental Feng Shui wisdom. To achieve this Sylvia ensures that Feng Shui Living follows the authentic classical methods of the ancient Chinese Masters, applying them to today’s busy modern environment.

Real Feng Shui is not mystical, it is not superstitious, neither is it a religion nor is it magic. True Feng Shui is not about placing a romantic symbol in the right hand corner of a room or a money Plant in your “wealth corner”. It does not recommend transcendental cures or talisman. It does not claim to change your destiny though it can assist you to overcome adversity and improve your luck.

Hazards cannot be ‘cured’ but logical Feng Shui adjustments can protect you from being harmed by them. Bagua mirrors are disapproved of by the most dedicated Masters as their placement sometimes brings misfortune (either unintentionally or deliberately) Wind chimes, mirrors and crystals can also cause more harm than good if misplaced by spoiling the energy distribution, so they are used cautiously in serious Feng Shui. 


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