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Essay on “Technology’s Impact on the Rain forest” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Technology’s Impact on the Rain forest

With the giant leap of technology through this century the rainforest has rapidly been destroyed. Being the home of nearly 50% of all species, the rainforest is a resource that should and must be saved. It is once thought that the tropical rainforest once spanned the great space of 1.5 billion hectares. But as the time passes gradually that number diminishes. In the year 2000 it is estimated that there will only be 900 hectares left on this world. Several types of medicines are found in the rainforest and many of them treat common diseases. Malaria for example is a disease that has its treatment coming from quinine, taken from the cinchona tree.

A big portion of the new technology being made in the times that we are living in now depends upon the rainforest. A massive amount of women have been on birth control and one of the major components of the pill is Diosgenin. This is made from wild yams found in Mexico. This leads to the conclusion that the technology that we have now might not be as progressive without the rainforest. But at the same time the technology that we are developing are having the adverse effect on the source of the advancement.

The problem of depletion of rainforest in the world today can be attributed to technology. Since the technology movement has come upon us, more and more wood and resources have been sucked from our land. The loss of the forest was not a great concern to the world 200 or 100 years ago. This is because there was not the technology to get into. Each time a tree is cut down, an animal’s home is gone. In each hectare of the rain forest there may be homes to possibly two hundred animals. The sudden and drastic change in the rain forest can be directly attributed to the technology that is invented in recent times. We are trying to develop a cure for AIDS but what if that cure has already been slashed and burned? The ‘greenhouse effect’ is a techno-enviro problem that must be avoided in order to save the globe. The rainforest also affects all the people of the world by holding the carbon dioxide. It indicates that if more and more rainforests are slashed the atmosphere will be more and more polluted adding to the environmental problems already faced by the earth.

The forest really does shelter us. It provides the ways and means to further the medicines of our times and for much other technological advancement. It would seem that the technology that is destroying the rainforest could also be used to help it. One way the world is trying to save the rainforest is by creating biosphere reserves. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation first promoted this idea. The idea is to have an inner core of rainforest that is saved and never touched. Around this core is a concentric ring, which is used by the human inhabitants of the area. They can use this land to accumulate plants and food. Around this zone is the one used by more people for farming or development. A plus for this type of reserve is that there will always be that inner core that is composed of never touched rainforest. Its drawbacks include the fact that if the two outer zones gets overpopulated people may start chipping away at the core reducing it bit by bit. The people that will live on these reserves usually are very environmentally conscious so this problem may actually disappear. Clearly the rainforest is a precious natural resource and the technological destruction of this natural resource affects the entire world. And we all have to come ahead to stop this destruction which is being merely for the advancement of technology instead we can use the technology to enhance the rainforest area.


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