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Essay on “Some Emerging Science Trends in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Some Emerging Science Trends in India

A bio-chemical DNA laboratory, the first of its kind in the country  has been set up in Chandigarh at the central scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO)

There is scope of a revolution in the electronic sector. As bio-molecular technology in which DNA  is used as the base material, is likely to reduce substantially the size of electronic devices, whereas their capability will increase manifold.

Recently, an Indian scientist successful in converting polythene into fuel. It is said that it can be refined further to yield substitutes of even petrol and diesel.

 In the USA, the process is commercially used. In Australia too process has already been discovered.

There is another achievement in the field of science. A Delhi based college teacher and his wife who are said to have developed  a novel method of detecting latent fingerprints. The new method, which utilizes novel spray formulations based on dyes, is cost-effective and non –hazardous.

We have had many scientists since then. Hargobind Khorana  AND Chandershekhar won the Nobel Prize for their genetic and astronomical theories respectively. Even if they had  migrated from India, yet originally they war Indians, now, we have many great Indian scientists in many fields. We can also never forget the name of Dr. C.V. Raman and Jagdish Bose etc.

Science has already penetrated with a vengeance in every field of our life. Now, as the people are becoming more and more health conscious, organic foods have started invading the market. The producers of such foods are coming up in a big way to woo the consumers.

It is clear that in India a  sort of revolutionist going on sat present in the matter of scientific inventions and discoveries.


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