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Essay on “Simple Living and High Thinking” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Simple Living and High Thinking

Essay  No. 01

Great men f the world has always preached that simple living and high thinking should be the golden principle of life. All great saints like Mahatma Gandhi, Guru Nanak and Buddha etc. who attained spiritual greatness and shook the world by their intellectual thinking are examples of this principle.

From time immemorial, thinkers from every corner of the would have emphasized the importance of simple living and high thinking. The advice as based on the fact that human wants are limitless, once they are given a long rope. It psychologically encouraged, these wants multiply and keep multiplying. These make manna selfish slave of material acquisitions. These divert the attention of man from high thinking and bring him down to the narrow cycle of worldly pursuits. These adversely affect his devotion and concentration in achieving the higher ideal of life, which mostly includes service of fellow human beings.

In this atomic era and fast paced life the harmony between the ideals of plain living and high thinking has come down. More thinkers feel that elaborate living is more conductive to the service of humanity than simple living. This thinking, however, is not endorsed in practical life.

As is well known Mahatma Gandhi was always dressed in a dhoti but still moved the entire world by his dynamic thinking. Similarly Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russel had proved that simple living is better way of achieving greatness from service to society.

There are other examples too, and a lot of then in human history, to prove the theory of simple living and high thinking. Kabir, Vinoba Bhave and Sant Longowal are other examples of this mode of life. These personalities led unsophisticated lives. Yet they became the idols of people as philosopher poets and leaders. They emancipated the thinking and living of common people with their strong conviction of truth, love for human beings, good of society and led the people to great deeds and achievements not only in the spiritual fields but also worldly affairs.

Essay  No. 02

Simple Living and High Thinking 

This statement tells us a way of living. It teaches us that we should not give much importance to clothes. Clothes are meant to cover over body. They do not add to man’s structure. Man does not become great by wearing gaudy and costly clothes. Clothes should be simple but it is essential that they should be neat and clean. We see that those persons who achieved greatness were simple. Only their thoughts were noble and high. If people start living a simple life most of the ills of society will disappear of their own. In our own times we see how people believe in living a showy style of life. Such people make their life complicated. A person leading a simple life is looked upon as a fool these days. He can’t progress in life. He can’t compete with those who lead a luxurious life. But it is not essential that only a man leading simple life can think high. A person living in his own way can also think high. It is true that simple living encourages high thinking. A person who has simple living and high thinking leads a contented life.


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