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Essay on “Secret of Success in Life.” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Secret of Success in Life.

Essay No. 01

            No hard and fast rules have been in sight for a sure success in life inspire of enormous development of humanity during recent years. Since time immemorial, it has been the effort of man to achieve success in his undertakings. In olden days and yet today, man has resorted to many ways and means to get a clue of the ultimate way to success but still it eludes many enterprises in life. A successful man is not a rarity as we see may around boasting of their success in their life. A definition of success of life seems inevitable here. There is a great number of people who treat the material progress or being able to possess lot of money and worldly pleasures their purpose of success. But there are some who do not consider the flow of money or success in their financial matters as the real success. They have various other parameters to gauge success in their lives. Those who believe more in the ways of God than the ways of world consider spiritual success as the real aim of life. They take the material possessions as superficial matters which, they consider, do not get mean the ultimate joy. Or ultimate success in life, according to them, is to know the ultimate reality, beyond worldly pleasures, and wish for a better life beyond material world. Belief in Gods and godly people is the strongest ever, even now in the minds of people. The concept of prayers for worldly pleasures has been a recent development with people, who are apprehensive about the results of their undertakings. Looking for auspicious occasions and places to start anything new in life including some business undertaking, laying foundations of houses, buildings, factories and even marriages indicator man’s  apprehension of a failure in life. Lack of confidence and belief in some deep rooted superstitions make a person resort to such means for a success.

            The question, shall I succeed? Looms so large on the minds of people that many aspiring youth, despite their qualification and expertise for a particular adventure fall back for fear of a failure. They go on looking for an occasion where they are made doubly sure of their success, but still apprehensive of their failure, they are not able to reach the goals of success as desired by them.

            The situation, indicated above, is enough pointer to the fact that the first secret of success in life is confidence. Lack of confidence in  ones abilities for a particular activity is the first sign of failure. A person who has attained sufficient knowledge and experience of a particular work is not expected to fail as he knows all the ways and means of coming out of a particular situation and doesn’t allow things reach the extent of no return. A person confident of one’s success is not demoralized by failures in his way to success. He considers these failures as the steps of his success and occasions to see through his short comings. Such people welcome these failures as they know that a smooth way to success cannot give them the experience of  meeting and facing them. People fully confident of their success, plan their each step and are never led by emotions or timely thoughts. Their point of success is always in their sight and no negative thought or action can mislead them from their path.

            But it is always hard, for people, to gain a strong confidence as many pulls and pressures come in the way which deviate them from their path. Proper thought and planning help people gain courage to face the infirmities of life. Anyone who wishes and aspires for a divine help at the time of adversity is the function of a weak mind and infirm character. Such unsuccessful people blame their destiny and infirm character. Such unsuccessful people blame their destiny and not their poor initiative for their poor performance. Successful people have a clear insight into proper occasions and people whom they bank upon, to act upon a particular situation. They have no regrets if they face timely failures even, and they do not get demoralized and continue with their efforts and hit the jackpot pleasantly.

            The other important secret for success in life is to have an open mind. People with closed bent of mind look everything with suspicion around them. They never try to discover the ideas of people about experiences in life and consider their own self far better experience in life than others. They take every decision guided by their own inner thinking and assessment of the situation. Such people are sometimes encouraged by being partly successful in a particular attempt and go on taking things in the same perspective. This line of action is prevalent with a number of people and they always live a low moderate life and consider the better success of people around a low moderate life and consider the better success of people around them, a result of their good fortune or a bounty from above, It is always beneficial for people to look into and have a keen desire to discover the secrets of success of others by reading about them or trying to understand their lives. Great people have never been men of close mind. The spider succeeded in his tenth attempt to reach its cobweb, wherefrom he had fallen down. Bruce gave a touch fight to his enemies, the tenth time and was crowned with success. Small and simple things and people need not be considered insignificant in this struggle for life. It was ultimately Mahatma Gandhi who succeeded in driving away the British from this land. There was no dearth of great leaders before Gandhi in India. They were all capable  to forcefully make the Bruisers feel that their days in India were numbered. But with the masses of India and emerged out of them and succeeded in cutting at the end of the month the basic roots of slavery in this country which had been dug deep byte foreign yoke.

            Every successful person learns from each step and every subsequent step is guided by his previous one hand, there is, then no chance of any failure. A person with an inquisitive character is always guided by the circumstances around him and his each move is calculated as he leaves nothing to chance. He makes very less mistakes. He gains sufficient confidence of people around and becomes their leader. He thinks always ahead of time and neither success nor failure is a surprise to him. He anticipates all his successes and failures and is neither sad on his failure nor rejoices his successes. Such great men always rule the world and it is then said by everyone that he was born great of keeping his eyes and ears open; learning from every move, whatever he took.

            Honest dealings in everything, wherever you put your hand in, are the next secret of success. There are many people around, who think that the days of honesty are gone. They presume that, one cannot be successful in the world of today if he is scrupulously honest. Honesty is a virtue of olden days” they feel, “in this dishonest world, an honest person cannot do anything, but suffer,” they argue. Such assessment of the situations is also the product of a weak mentality and poor performance in one’s life. A dishonest person can achieve some timely gratification at the hands of some people around him but ultimately his own conscience will tell him that he is in the wrong. A person with a clean heart and pure conscience is the only person who has gained confidence for doing anything successfully in life which is the first secret of success. Only an honest person is capable to keep[p his head above all around him as honesty and fearlessness are two sides of the some coin. You cannot be dishonest and fearless at the same time as the fear of your ill doings being exposed before your well wishers is always before you. You cannot undertake any kind of new enterprise for the fear of the people whom you have cheated earlier. You have to tell a hundred lies to hide your misdoings. Such people look everyone with suspicion and consider the success of others also a result of their dishonesty. To them the whole worked and the people around is a bunch \of ill dose’s and doing something good to anybody seems a crime to them. Nobody is friend to them except a few who are co-partners in their game. They easily shun his company when he is convicted or exposed.

            Honesty or truthfulness is a virtue without any equal. It wins good friends and well wishers for you who never let you down in your adversity. Our gain a good reputation for you and you are believed by everyone. You feel contented with your own self which is the greatest source of happiness. There is no limit to the hoi that is gained by having well wishers of people around you.  Material happiness or worldly pleasures seem insignificant to such people. They relish even the failures of life as they are also the result of their good actions. They don’t consider anybody their enemy as they are good bent upon doing good to all, whatever response they get. There remains a bit of difference between success and failure before them. They laugh is adversity and are never carried away by emotions. Hatred, anger and selfishness keep far away from them. They develop such strength of character that even the greatest temptation cannot subdue them. Success is at their feet. People bow before them and their godly features.

            To some people, success is only which can be displayed in the form of good money, big cars and buildings, holdings parties and people to bless them to attain worldly pleasures in the form of these riches. They leave no stone unturned to seek ways and means to attain these worldly joys but in spite of having this all, true mental peace evades them and they continue living in misery. The glamour of modern life attracts them and they attempt tooth and nail to achieve a whatever money can buy but still the eternal peace of mind is lost forever them.

            As such, the secret of success in life does not lie in collecting lot of wealth and purchasing all the luxuries of life as simplicity, honesty and the strength of character is the real wealth worth preserving. People do not remember the names of those who have succeeded in amassing big wealth but those who have made their name in spending their life for a noble cause involving good of the making as a whole. They have left a mark on the history by not making the masses comfortable through their general good for a general cause.


Essay No. 02


The Secret of Success

In the modem age, every man wants to make a quick buck. It is because we live in a materialistic world where money thinks, talks, acts and rules. A man without money has no status in life. This is the reason that those who cannot make money through honest means, resort to several corrupt practices to become rich overnight.

As we generally see in life, a corrupt man, however, clever he may be, is caught in the long run and he has to spend his life behind the bars. Such a man can hardly be called a successful man.

It is thus that a person who wants to be really successful in life, must adopt some fair means for the purpose. It is rightly said that nothing can be received without giving. One receives only in proportion to what one gives. So, sacrifice is the first and foremost requirement for achieving success.

A shopkeeper who adulterates food and other items or one who gives short measures loses his customers and ultimately goes bankrupt. On the other hand, a shopkeeper who is fair in his dealings attracts customers and grows rich in the long run.

A student who does not work hard and wants to get through various examinations by copying from books and other classmates, loses grip over all subjects and ends as a dullard and a failure in life. So, the real secret of success lies in hard work. There is no other miracle which can bring about success.


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