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Essay on “Role of Students in Free India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Role of Students in Free India


Duties and Rights of Students in Modern India


Students and Social Service


Role of Students in National Reconstruction


India is a free country.  The responsibility for safeguarding the freedom of the country and taking it to the pinnacles of glory lies on the shoulders of the youth of the country.  College students in any country constitute a great force.  They can certainly make or mar the future of their country.  Whenever there have been revolutions, students have always stood in the front rank of fighters.  They have unlimited reserves of energy and enthusiasm in them.  If this energy is properly channelized and utilized, it can do wonders.  But if the students are allowed to go astray, they can cause havoc and destruction all around.

                In a poor and under-developed country like India, students just cannot afford to be lazy of lethargic.  They must realize their duties and play their great role in the reconstruction of the country.  They owe a great deal to the society to which they belong.  They must take upon themselves, the task of fighting social evils and serving the poor and the needy.  Every student should try to become a useful member of the society.  In an under-developed country like India, students have a special role to play.  They have to be the torch-bearers in the service of the country.

                In the past few years, students have been playing their part through various constructive activities and through various national volunteer organizations.  They have been building roads and bridges, educating the villagers in sanitation and new methods of agriculture, organizing big fairs and imparting training in civil defense and hygienic living.  During the floods, students have been playing an active role in helping the marooned people and providing them food and relief.  All this is very good.  But much still remains to be done.  There is a vast scope and a big field for work which still remains untouched.

                The students can form a strong pressure group to stop and point out instances of corruption in the country.  With idealism and enthusiasm, they can work wonders.  They can help the government in eradicating mass illiteracy.  They can run evening classes for adult education.  They can feed the hungry, cloth the naked and protect the weak.   They can educate the villagers and change the face of the rural India.

                Students have a lot of spare time at their disposal.  They have too many holidays and vacations.  They can employ their spare time usefully in acts of social service.  They can help the government in implementing its useful schemes and teach the masses to utilize their spare time is useful activities.  They can lead the people of the countryside and make them work hard to improve their lot.  Once the village folk are shaken out of their lethargy, they can do real wonders.  The students can teach them to live better lives and give up their evil habits of drinking, gambling, litigation and smoking.  They can spread knowledge about the various improve methods of farming and the new schemes of the Government.  They can impart civic education and tell the villagers about their rights and duties.  They can take up some constructive activities and make the villagers join them in building roads, wells, reading-rooms hospitals, schools and panchayat ghars.  Various student organizations like N.S.S. and N.C.C. and the youth wings of various political and social organizations are already playing a very commendable role in the service of the country.  Let the students rise to the occasion and revolutionize the standard of living in the country.  Let every student have a sense of confidence in his capacity.  Let him sing joyfully.

                “I am the master of my fate:

                I am the captain of my soul.”

                Time has come when students should realize their responsibilities.  In other countries, we find the students doing great deeds.  There is no reason why our students should lag behind.  What is required is a little initiative and enthusiasm and, of course, guidance and inspiration from their elders.


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