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Essay on “Recess” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


          Lunch Break which is otherwise known as Recess is necessary for students. It is a delightful relief. The moment the bell rings, students shout with joy and many of them rush out of their classrooms. They either rush to the water taps or to the canteen to buy drinks and eatables. The school comes alive.

          Some students sit in the classroom itself. They form a small group and share their lunch over gossips and laughter. By sharing they get to eat a delicious variety of food. They try to finish eating as soon as possible so that they can save time to go to the canteen.

          The school canteens the busiest place during the lunch break. There s lot of noise and rush at the counter. Everyone shouts out aloud to attract the attention of the seller so as to make the first purchase. Students are not permitted to purchase anything from the vendors outside the school gate. This cause the complete consumption of the daily stock of cold drinks and ice creams in the canteen.

          While the students are busy in different activities, the teachers assemble in the staff room. They discuss various issues and relax class they are scheduled to take immediately after the recess. Some teachers talk about their favorite students and the progress of their respective classes in general.

          When the bell announces the end of the recess, the students rush back to their classes. The closing bell ends the fun of the recess. There are no more noisy activities as the Principal takes his daily round of the school. Students wait silently for the teacher who reaches the class on time. The classes continue and once gains the school comes back to its normal course.


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