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Essay on “PSLV-C17 Successful Launching” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

PSLV-C17  Successful Launching

          India on July 15, 2011 successfully launched its latest communication satellite gsat-12 on board a powerful variant of homegrown Polar Satellite launch vehicle, pslv-c17, front estates dhavan space centre sriharikota.

          In a textbook launch, Indian Space research organization’s work horse pslv lifted off from the second launch pad of the Spaceport at 4.48 pm at the end of the 53 hour countdown and placed the gsat-12 into orbit about 20 minutes later.

          Gsat-12 is a communication satellite weighing 1400 Kg with 12 transponders on board. The gsat-12 satellite was built at a cost of Rs. 90 crore.

ISRO  Chairman K. Radhakrishnan announced. “I am extremely happy to state that the psvl-c17 gsat12 mission is successful. The launch vehicle injected the satellite very precisely into the intended orbit.” He said the entire operation was as per the plan worked out by Team ISRO.

          On its 18th successful mission in a row, the PSLV zoomed into cloudy skies as scientists broke into cheers at the mission control centre, 90 km from Chennai.

          Then uniqueness of the mission was the fact that a communication satellite was injected into the Geostationary Orbit using a polar satellite launching vehicle. Since the GSO is at a distance of 36000 km from the earth, communication satellites are usually launched using high power Geo Synchronous Satellite.

          Since India is yet to perfect the Cryogenic engine for powering the GSLV, ISRO opted for the PSLV. The satellite with 12 deployed successfully Satellite is in its final orbital configuration. Pointing towards Earth.

          GSAT-12 is now located at 63 degree East longitude.

After parking the Satellite at this location the communication Transponders are planned to be switched on by Augst 5, 2011, followed by In Orbit Testing. The GSAT-12 Satellite is in good health and is in continuous radio visibility from ISRO’s Master Control. Facility, Hassan.

          GSAT12 aimed at augmenting the capacity in the INSAT system for various communication services liked tele education. Tele medicine and Village Rexsuorce Centres, would be co located with INSAT-2E and INSAT-4A satellites.

          This was the second time in its 19 flights that the PSLV has been used for launching a communication satellite after Kalpana 1 in 2002.

          ISRO used the most powerful XL configuration with six extended solid strap on motors carrying 12 tons of solid propellant as against nine tones for the standard PSLV for this flight. A similar configuration was used for launching India’s maiden Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission in 2008.


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