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Essay on “Problems in Indian Education System” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Problems in Indian Education System

Our education system is grossly inadequate in meeting the standards of education that many other countries have developed. Our education system, which does not have a national standard for goals, curriculum, or regulations, with other countries that do but the findings nevertheless reflect the need for change. Our education system at this time is regulated by states which implement their own curriculum, set their own goals and have their own requirements for teacher preparation. Combined with this is the fact that we have lowered our expectations in these areas, thus we are not providing an equal or quality education to all students across the country. Teachers often develop academic expectations of students based on characteristics that are unrelated to academic progress. These expectations can affect the way educators present themselves toward the student, causing an alteration in the way our students learn, and thus causing an overall degeneration in the potential growth of the student.

The most obvious characteristic that educators present to the students is in the area of body language and facial expression. We tend to present ourselves in a more professional manner to our good students, speaking more clearly and with a stronger tone of voice. We tend to stand more upright, in a more powerful stance, than to the slouching effect we give to the underachiever. The head shakes, glancing with our eyes, hand gestures, and posture all contribute to the way we look at certain students based on our first impressions which came before we even knew the student.

Schools are often blamed for the ills of society, yet society has a impact on our education system. The problems that schools are facing today are certainly connected to the problems that our society faces, including drugs, violence and the changing of our family structure. There are many methods that schools have begun to use in order to deal with the problems they are faced with and still offer the best possible education to our youth.

The use of drugs in the general population has become a very serious problem in society and within the school system. There are two aspects of drug use that teachers have to deal with now. The first is in trying to teach the new generation of crack babies that are now entering the schools. These students have extremely low attention spans and can be very disruptive in class. Violence, both in society and in the school system has also been identified as a serious problem. Educators are also being trained to identify those students who may be violent and to provide non-violent crisis intervention. It is an undeniable fact that our society has a serious problem concerning violence and that the violence on the streets is certainly connected to the violence in the schools. It seems questionable that even these measures will significantly reduce the problem in schools, but certainly the process of teaching can continue in a less stressful atmosphere by having these measures in place. Similarly, child abuse has become a major issue in society and schools. It is not clear whether there is a rise in the occurrences of abuse or whether better awareness has increased the statistics, but it cannot be argued that this a significant problem and one that effects those educators who have to help students who are either abused or neglected. Strict regulations concerning the accountability of teachers regarding the reporting of child abuse or neglect are in effect. Teachers are required to be trained on the ability to identify abuse. Community agencies, shelters and child welfare agencies have begun working in conjunction with schools in order to deal with the problem with as little disruption in the student’s education as possible.

Clearly our schools and society face the same problems. It has  become necessary for all people, apart from just educators, to be more aware of the problems. Although some intervention programmes have been implemented and in some cases are very successful, it is becoming more apparent that these problems are going to continue and will have a direct consequence on our future in this country. Our society need to understand that the schools are not responsible for the cause of these problems or the solutions but rather all aspects of society, including schools are intertwined and need to collectively work together if we are ever to make progress toward resolving these problems in the long run.


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