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Essay on “Private Coaching Institutes” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Private Coaching Institutes

The youth of today are very keen to build stable and prosperous careers for themselves. The competitive era of the new century is the direct outcome of factors like western influences, growth of population, better economic levels of professionals and longing for self-satisfaction. Thus, students are persuaded to think about their careers when they enter the tenth standard in school. Schools do not impart quality education because they are busy completing the syllabi. For competing in examination (of the present class) and entrance tests (of the class ahead), students need specialized courses, trained teachers and zeal. Zeal is developed in them by their parents, friends and teachers. For getting specialized sets of knowledge, they look to private coaching institutes.

In India, the fashion of educating one’s off springs through tuitions has caught up like a jungle fire. Children of age groups 5-7 years are given expert coaching even to complete their homework. This trend started during early seventies in the major and minor cities and towns were gripped by the coaching fever. Parents and students contended that competition was tough even in the class-rooms of a school. Homework was given by teachers and no student was guided, according to them. Thus private tutors were hired to help. Add to it, the favour and zeal for appearing in a competitive examination and also, succeeding in it with flying colours. Thus, private coaching professionals realized that it was high time they took the plunge. So, in the mid-eights, coaching individuals or centres moved towards the professional coaching institute, which symbolized a platform for succeeding in academics and competitive examinations.

In four Indian metros, as well as in her twenty major cities, there are nearly fifteen coaching institutes of repute. Prominent among them are Brilliant Tutorials; MIIT Pie Education, Akash Institute, IAS Study Circle, DPCC (two different business groups use the same name), E-gurukul.


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