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Essay on “Pollution in Cities” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

                               Pollution in Cities                                             

One of the greatest menaces of modern time is pollution. Pollution may be of two types – Environment or air pollution and noise pollution.

Air pollution is caused by smoke coming out of chimneys of factories, mills, workshops etc. in industrial areas. It is a great danger to health and life. With rapid industrialization of major cities air pollution is increasing very rapidly and is of grave concern to us.

In cities a major cause of pollution is vehicular traffic. The emission from thousands of vehicles has made life of the people very difficult. The poisonous gasses emitted by vehicles are the cause of many types of diseases.

Because of large influx of population into cities the quantity of garbage is increasing. This is dumped into rivers thereby polluting water. This endangers aquatic life and also contaminates drinking water.

Noise pollution is caused by blowing of horns, rumblings from factories and running of vehicles, aeroplanes, trains, etc. loudspeakers are also becoming a major source of noise pollution in modern times.

The government should address the problem of pollution on a war footing. Various measures like using alternate non polluting fuels like CNG, allowing vehicles conforming to EURO II $ III norms only, phasing out of vehicles which are more than ten years old, cleaning of rivers, not allowing factories to dump garbage and wastes into rivers, banning of blowing of horns and encouraging public transport so as to reduce the number of private vehicles should be taken and strictly implemented. Strict penalties should be imposed on defaulters.

In primitive societies there was no such problem. People used to go on foot or travelled on bullock carts or horse drawn carriages. People did not have to live with pollution, they were happy and healthy. They hurry of life today and fast moving means of transport has enveloped man with pollution so much that the has no hope of enjoying free and pure air. In view of this grave situation it is our duty as responsible citizens to help our Government in reducing and controlling pollution.


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