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Essay on “Our School Hall” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Our School Hall

I read in a very big school. Likewise, it has a big hall. It is also known as the auditorium. It has a sound-proof system in it such that any voice or sound in it does not echo awfully.

It is situated in the main building in the centre of the school. It has five doors and a number of windows. It is air-conditioned but has electric fans also which are put to work if ever the AC system fails. They are also worked with a generator when there is an electric breakdown and the AC system does not work.

There is a vast dais at the end of the hall. The dais is quite high and there are stairs to climb it has a curtain for dramatic performances. There is also a lecture stand there for the speakers. A mike is there which is put to use when necessary.

The front door is the widest. The four other doors two in the either wall are ‘comparatively less wide. Besides, there are two small doors behind the dais which open into small green houses.

At the time of any function, sofas and chairs are installed on the stage, that is, dais. Chairs and benches are then also installed in the entire hall for students. Only participants, senior teachers and VIPs sit on the sofas and chairs on the dais.

At the time of school functions such as annual prize distribution, variety show, fancy dress show, speech-making, debates, seminars, workshops, declamation contests, quiz contests, etc. some prominent citizens are also invited.

Our school hall being quite spacious long is known to be a suitable place for holding such functions as inter-school contests, blood donation camps, various disease awareness campaigns such as pulse polio, tuberculosis control, leprosy control, etc. It is also sometimes used by the district administration for conferences, etc.


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