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Essay on “Our National Character” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Our National Character

The Indian National Character is based upon our ancient Indian culture which was founded upon a high sense of spiritual values. Our ancestors, who devoted themselves to the study of philosophy and the acquisition of knowledge, set great store by things of the mind and spirit. The ancient Indian ideal was plain living and high thinking.

Religion was the pivot round which the lives of our ancestors revolved. Religion was part and parcel of their daily life. Nothing important was ever undertaken without invoking the blessing of the Gods. Religious rites and rituals became a part of daily living. Piety was the hall mark of the Indian.

Closely allied to this piety was the ascetic ideal. Ancient Indians did not believe in spending much time in acquiring material things. They led simple lives, and spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation. One has only to read Sanskrit literature to know the spiritual ideals which inspired ancient India. It was on account of her spiritual outlook and her idealism that India attracted many scholars from all parts of the world. They came from distant lands to learn the wisdom of the East.

In ancient times, piety, charity, sincerity, simplicity and integrity were outstanding attributes of our national character. Respect for parents, elders and teachers was also one of the qualities of our national character. Hospitality to guests and strangers was another quality that our country prided herself in

Unfortunately, today owing to the impact of science, and contact with Western civilization, a great change has taken place in our national character. Western materialism has invaded our lives. We are not pious or as spiritual – minded as before. We are trying to imitate Western countries in their pursuit of wealth and comfort. Being preoccupied with material things, we have little time to spare for things that are really worthwhile. Slowly but surely our national character is changing for the worse. We must realize that true happiness for us can be had by returning to our ancient spiritual ideals and freeing ourselves from the slavery of materialism and worldliness. These are the only things that can improve our national character.

Difficult Words: Ancestors – forefathers. devoted themselves – gave themselves up heart and soul to. acquisition – act of getting. revolved – went round and round. meditation – act of thinking deeply. allied – joined. ascetic – giving up all pleasures and controlling desires. attributes – qualities. impact – forceful contact. preoccupied – busy with.


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