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Essay on “On Getting a Job” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

On Getting a Job

Varsha had just left school and was looking about for a suitable job. She wanted very much to support her family. She would comb through the newspapers daily in search of job vacancies. After three weeks her patience bore fruit. There was a job vacancy for a clerk and a typist at a law firm. Varsha was interested. As she had decided to study law as a part-time student, the job seemed to be made specially for her.

Immediately, she wrote an application letter. She told the company everything about herself, including her dream to become a lawyer. The very next day she received a telephone call asking her to go for an interview the following day.

She arrived early at the interview and sat nervously waiting to be called. There was a young man also waiting to be interviewed_ She gave him a warm smile but he turned away obviously seeing her as a rival. After that she just ignored him. The young man went in first and returned after five minutes, stone-faced and left. Then it was Varsha’s turn. The interviewer was an old gentleman. He asked a lot of questions and seemed to be impressed with Varsha’s attitude and qualifications. When the interview ended, he asked his secretary to show Varsha around the work place.

Varsha had been absolutely honest, frank and confident right through. She felt deeply blessed by God as she returned home that day. Her joy knew no bounds when she received a letter two days later asking her to start work from the very next day.


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