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Essay on “Old Age” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Old Age

Old age is not to be dreaded. People are generally scared of growing old because bereft of all physical activity. They are destitute and at the mercy of others. Neglect and indifference are what they cannot stand. And all their fears of old age emanate from this feeling.

As for me, I look forward to my old age. After having lived a full life, I would have a treasure house of experience to fall back upon and guide me and my offspring. Away from the hurly burly of life, I shall have ample time to do what time has not permitted me to do all my life.

I have always regretted not going for a morning walk  everyday for instance. This activity I shall be able to pursue without thoughts of reaching my place of work early or trying to make up for the lost sleep the previous night in my old age. Then,  I have not been able to devote enough time to my pet hobby of gardening. I shall then have the entire morning to tend to my plants and if possible, cultivate a kitchen garden in the backward of my house.

After a hearty breakfast, I shall then sit to read my morning newspapers and analyze the various happenings, item by item. Sorting out family problems will usher in lunch time. After lunch I hope to enjoy my afternoon siesta, something I have been unable to do as a student or later.

Evening time will be spent in brushing up my reading. I am a lover of books and have quite an impressive library. I have not been able to read all the books that I have collected all my lifetime. Leisure in my old age will give me ample opportunity to read all these books and add to my human experience. I am gregarious by nature. I shall either invite friends and relative over to my house, or go across to them at least once a week or so.  I would not like to lose my social contacts on account of old age or debility. And my old age will not be unproductive. I do not want to vegetate and  be burden on the family. I hope to lead on active, fruitful life even at my old age. My taste for read in and writing will always keep me alive to the situations alive and as a freelance writer I can vigorously write articles and commentaries on the current events and philosophy for the news- papers and magazines. I shall not behave like senile on men who are unwanted or jeered at for their obsolete ideas, for I shall have the wisdom borne out of human experience at that stage. That will be the best period of any life.  

I believe that old age can be lived equally active and productive as the  youth or middle age. One has to make a right choice about his business to suit the conditions of age which will not demand a hectic schedule otherwise there are many things which help a person to live life quite comfortably and even helpful to other. The old do have least grudges to settle down with people as it is the height of your experience which makes you cool, adjusting and beneficial to others.


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