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Essay on “Office Automation” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Office Automation


       Synopsis: Office automation is now a buzzword.  Info Tech advancements have revolutionized the office work. Introduction of computers war the eeriest big stride in office automation.  Electronic mails, fax, cellular phones. Audio and video conferencing etc. have transformed the whole business and office atmosphere.  Now the emphasis is on fast and accurate performance.  These wonderful decide have totally changed the meaning and concept of office.  The use of internet and web has further revolutionized office working and management. 

            In this age of information technology things are changing at a very fast speed. The use of good old telephone and fax machines not-withstanding, electronic mail, audio and video conferencing, voice mail etc. are gradually replacing them and becoming the preferred way of inter-action and communication in the offices.  Electronic mail (E-mail) is a process of sending, receiving, storing and forwarding textual messages in digital form through telecommunication channels.  Pictorial matter can be tele-transmitted through fax of facsimiles.  E-mail is becoming increasingly popular also because of cost effectiveness.  A text can be tele-transmitted through E-mail at the cost of local telephone call.  

There are many types of computers to choose from to suit you requirements and pocket. Computers are valuable tools of productivity, communication, education, entertainment etc.  They are being used very purposefully and effectively as a complete communication centre, or a home theater to watch and listen favorite movies and albums with superb picture and sound quality.  Computers with fax modems allow the user access to any file in the office server and working on it.

In the fast changing office scenario, one Can do without these marvels of technology. Take for example, the internet; it has the advantages of the Word Wide Web (WWW), a very useful tool of any office.  You can have any type of information at your convenience through internet, Moreover, you can advertise and market your products and services across the globe at a very low cost through internet.  Similarly, the use of pagers is very cost-effective and so popular.  As 70 per cent or more communications are one way, there is nothing like pagers.  The use of a pager as a complement to cellular phone is highly advisable.

            Cellular phones were introduced in India in 1995.  It is a system that helps you to move around while consersingove a large service Ares, say a few cities or even a country.  A telephone user can make or receive calls to or from other cellular phones, or to ordinary stationary telephones through the local telephone exchange and the public telephone network.  Another system which is very useful is a multimedia notebook.  There are number of models to suit your needs. One model allows you to connect with an analogue phone, while the other with integrated infrared communication capacity lets you transfer files without cables.

            Things are changing fast and on a vast scale and cannot be overlooked.  In metros like Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi etc. the distances between residences and offices and between offices and other working places are too wide. Then there are traffic problems.  In all these circumstance, office automation is a must and the sooner it is done the better. Office automation is aloe valuable in terms of working out of officers at homes and doing extra office-work away from the office.  The concept of “mobile office” is gaining ground and more and more corporate and none corporate sectors are adopting it.


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