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Essay on “National Flag of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

National Flag of India

National flag is the symbol of a country’s freedom and sovereignty. It is the flag under which our freedom fighters had fought for India’s Independence.

Before Independence, the National Flag had the spinning wheel placed at its centre. It was necessary at that time to do so to remind the people of the Swadeshi Movement started by Gandhiji along with the movement for freedom.

After Independence, the spinning wheel was replaced by the Ashok Chakra. The Ashok Chakra has 24 spokes. It stands for peace and love which enshrined the state of the famous emperor, Ashoka.

Our National flag is rectangular in shape. It has three horizontal bands. Each band is of a different colour. That is why the flag is also called the Tricolour or the Tiranga.

At the top is the saffron band which symbolises the spirit of sacrifice. The middle band is the white band which characterizes peace and truth.

It is in this band that the peace-spreading Ashoka Chakra is located, thus enhancing the significance of peace and love. At the bottom is the dark green band which stands for growth and prosperity.

The National flag is hoisted on important buildings of national importance on the occasion of national festivals. Now, the Supreme Court has given enough liberty to the people to fly the National flag.

But, all rules according to the relevant Act governing its hoisting, have to be followed. On the death of some celebrity, it flies half-mast over buildings.

It is imperative for us to respect our national flag and never let it down. We should be ready to lay down our life for its high position that it deserves.


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