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Essay on “My Likes and Dislikes” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Likes and Dislikes


   The subject calls upon me to make an open confession.  Let me take courage and confess what I like and what I dislike.

                My likes and dislikes are rather limited.  The first thing I positively dislike is the nerve racking discipline imposed upon the youngers by the elders or by those in authority.  Why should anybody bother my life with do’s and don’ts? Why should I not be left entirely to myself to choose my own ways? Why should a father, who himself smokes call upon his child to refrain from smoking and drinking? Does he have any moral right to do that? Why should a student be forced to sit and listen to the most boring, dull and dry lecture of an incompetent teacher who does not know his job? Discipline, as the word has unfortunately come to mean today, stunts normal growth and hinders the free development of personality.  How lovely is the freely growing undisciplined, untamed nature? Who disciplines the dancing rivulets? Who disciplines the singing birds? Man is born free, we put him in chains.  How sad, how tragic!

                Another thing that I like is to sit idle and to do nothing.  Vacant hours fill me with pleasure and joy.  A walk by the mountain side or by the river side delights my heart.  I can sit for hours or a railway bridge to watch the shrieking movement of the trains below.  Work, work and work. It has made a hell of this life.

                I feel like crying with W.H. Davies:

                “What is this life if full of care

                We have no time to stand and stare.”


                My hobby is playing practical jokes upon others.  My heart tingles with a sense of delight when I make a fool of some body, full of a false sense of pride in his wisdom and intellect.  In enjoy playing truant.  Using ‘proxies’ in the class is a part of my nature.  I love pulling off a gentleman’s turban with the help of a crooked needle and a long thread.  Trying down the long hair of the ladies with bedsteads while they are asleep, writing nasty words on the shirts of my class-fellows, wiring love letters to my class-fellows on behalf of some other friends, raising false but intelligent alarms in the hostel and putting up false holiday notice on the notice-board are only some of my favourite pastimes.  Every day for me is the ‘All Fools Day’. I love life.

                There is a long list of my likes and dislikes.  But I shall stop with the last.  I like and enjoy breaking rules.  Any notice like ‘No Bill Stricking Here’ is an open invitation for me to stick a bill on the notice itself.

                Moralists may cry out against me and like to hand me over to the police but, believe me, there is joy in doing what I do.  Stolen kisses, I know from experience, are always sweet.

                I am a born leader.  I am always on the book out for an opportunity to make a speech.  On the slightest pretext, I gather my fellow students and call upon them to go on a strike.  My electrifying words work a miracle and all work comes to a stand- still.  One thing that I positively dislike is physical violence.  May be I am a coward.  But whenever, I apprehend trouble or an attack, I take to my heels.  I am a staunch believer in non-violence and peace.



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