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Essay on “My First Vote” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My First Vote

Suppose you are twenty one years old, whom would you like to vote for in an election for Parliamentary Constituency:-

India is the largest democratic country in the world. I am eagerly waiting for the day when I shall be eligible to cast my vote. Now, suppose I am twenty one years old and my name is there in the voters list, I shall vote for a meritorious candidate.

I am fully conscious of the value of the vote. I want that able persons should be elected to the Parliament. They frame rules fr the whole nation and keep diplomatic relations with other nations of the world. Hence I shall adjudge a candidate on the basis of the merit. I shall rise above cast and provincialism. I shall also not be swayed by cheap slogans. I shall see how much service a candidate has rendered to the nation. .

I would like that the candidate of my choice is a devoted worker. He is not selfish and narrow minded. He is certainly not a man who opposes everything in the parliament for the sake of opposition.

Parties are the soul of democracy. I shall go through the election manifestos of different parties then I shall decide as to which party is suitable for our country. I know it well that election promises are not cent percent kept. I shall, therefore, not hesitate to cast my vote for an independent candidate provided he is an able and sincere person.

Above all, I shall favor a candidate with my vote only if he has sympathies for the poor people. I shall also see that eh candidate of my choice has got a definite plant improve the condition of the working sections of the society. He cools also have a clear idea about the rural up influence. I would like at the end of the months candidate of my choice favors the policy of non alignment. Our country should not side with any big power of the world. We should remain natural. I shall, therefore cast my valuable vote for a candidate having the above said qualities. I also like other voters to follow my example.


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