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Essay on “My First Day at School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My First Day at School

Essay No. 01

Life is full of new events. Going to a school for the first time for a child is to face  a new situation. It is a new event for him because its atmosphere is quite different. First day at school is an experience which I cannot forget. Its memory is still fresh in my mind. It was July 15. I got up early in the morning on this day. I got myself prepared. With my father I started towards my new school.

We entered the office where I found four men sitting behind the counter. My father got a form from one of them. He filled it. Then we entered the Principal’s office. My father gave the form to him. He looked at the form and struck a bell. At once a peon came in. he ordered him to take us to the staff room.

The peon led us to the room where I found the teachers round a long table. My father gave the form to one of them. The teacher put my knowledge to test in English. He found me fit. Another teacher gave me five sums to solve.       

I solved them easily. Both the teachers wrote something on the form. Again my father entered the Principal’s office. He ordered for my admission. My father deposited my dues in the office. I was sent to IX-B classroom with a chit.

I went into the classroom and took my seat in the last row in front of me there was a big blackboard on the wall. Near it there was a decent chair and a table for the teachers on a raised platform. After a few minutes a teacher entered the classroom. I gave the chit to him. He wrote my name in the register. The teacher was an interesting fellow. He passed a few funny remarks.

At the recess bell we rushed out of the classroom. It was the leisure time. Some boys approached me. They cracked jokes. One of them said, “Form which jungle are you coming?” I was silent. Fortunately three boys ran for my help. They took me round the school building. They showed me reading room and library, I found the school ball well decorated with paintings. As the bell rang we were again  in the classroom. Four teachers attended their periods but none taught us.

At 12-30 the last bell went. The classes were over. When I reached home, I was quite glad. I told my mother about the new school. She was glad to hear the account of my first day. This day was  glad to hear the account of my first day. This day was a memorable day for me, because I liked the school. I studied here for three years but  there was always a recollection of my first day in this school. I could not say about my first L.K.G. class because at that time I was too young to understand. 


Essay No. 02

My First Day at School

            Every child’s first day at school is always very exciting At least; it was so in my case.

            I remember my first day at school very vividly. I remember it was my mother who took me to my school on my first day.

            I had a small bag in my hand. It contained an exercise book, my pencil box and my bottle, beside my tiffin. I actually did not need all these things, but had insisted on my taking them with me.

            My father had already filled up the admission from and submitted it to the school principle a number of days before. Now, I had to appear for an interview.

            My father had already filled up the admission form and submitted it to the school principle a number of days before. Now, I had to appear for an interview.

            My mom took me inside the principal’s office. I felt a little awed as I saw a tall, big lady with a dominating personality occupying a revolving chair. However, her sweet voice soon delayed my fears.

            She studied the admission form quickly she expressed satisfaction regarding my age to and my parent’s qualifications. She asked me to come close to her. I moved forward rather sheepishly. But she patted me n the back lovingly. Then she asked me a few simple question such as my name, my parent’s name etc.

            Meanwhile I had gathered courage and I was able to answer the entire question without much hesitation. The principle was satisfied and she expressed her satisfaction through a broad smile.

            She wrote ‘yes’ at the appropriate columns in the admission form. My mother came with me outside and deposited the fee with the fee clerk.

            I had got admission to the nursery class. It was however on the next day. I actually attended class. The day of my admission to the school was really very exciting.


Essay No. 03


 My First Day in School

It was a bright sunny day. My mom dropped me at the school main gate. I took a deep breath and started walking towards the main entrance. I was in an emotional turmoil. I was excited, scared and a little bit nervous. I slowly walked forward as I started looking at all the other kids. Most were in groups and all talking laughing and smiling. I felt very small, like I was an alien who had just landed on planet Earth. I wanted to go back but that was not possible. When I got to the main building of the school I walked up to the reception area where I enquired about my class room.

Instead, I felt like I had just been arrested for murder. I was bombarded with about 5 questions all at once. I answered them all.

I went to each class feeling like a Joker, as everyone stared at me because I didn’t dress like them. I thought someone would come and say ‘hello’ to me. To this day, I am still waiting. No one has taken the time here to get to know me or like me. I know they all judged me, as I also judged them. At last, I found my class and found two of the teachers actually impressed me, which surprised me; I didn’t think anyone in the whole school would impress me. The teacher introduced me as a new student in the class and showed me my seat. I was feeling like a science model and they were going to do experiment on me. In break, I came out from my class, sitting alone in canteen and missing my Mom and Dad. Again, I went back to my class. I was feeling very lonely. Last period was a dance period. Everyone was dancing with their partners but I was sitting alone. At the end of the day, I still hated the new school, missing all my old friends. However, as time passed, I made new friends. Today, I am a brilliant student and captain of football team. I have now learned to go to school. And I hope to graduate with good grades this year. I have learned that I have courage and strength and I will succeed this year ever if I am in someplace I don’t like. I have learned I can succeed even if everything isn’t the way I like it. And with this courage, I will graduate.


Essay No. 04


My First Day at School

I had sought admission in DAV Public School. I got up early in the morning and got myself prepared.

I boarded the school bus and reached the school. The sight of the grand building made me nervous.

I entered the main gate. Many boys were sitting there in a group. They welcomed me in a good manner.

One of the boys befriended me. He took me to the class-room. He introduced me to other boys. I took my seat in the first row. Then there was teaching for four periods.

During recess period, we rushed out of the class. I was, alone in the play-ground. Finding me alone, some boys approached me. They cut silly jokes but I was not annoyed.

They got pleased with my nature and took me round the school building. They also showed me the Library. They also made me share their lunch packets.

Again there was teaching for four periods. Two boys visited my house when the school was over.


Essay No. 05

My First Day at School 

On the first day my mother accompanied me to school. Other parents also accompanied their children. We all waited in front of the school office.

After a while, a teacher came and led us to some class-rooms and we were put into four separate classes. There some children began to cry as the parents were not allowed into the class-rooms but I did not cry.

It was an enjoyable time for me as I got to know my new classmates. The teacher was very busy writing down our particulars so we had plenty of time to introduce ourselves. Soon recess came. Some of us headed for the bookshop while the rest headed for their parents. I bought a drink with the money my mother had given me. Getting to know my new friends had made me thirsty.

After the recess we went back to our class-room, and my new friends and I managed to coax two boys to stop crying. In fact, soon we were laughing and playing together. Once in a while the teacher had to tell us to keep quiet as we were making too much noise.

Finally, the bell rang for us to go home. Some of us were very relieved to be reunited with our parents. It had been a wonderful first day at school.


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