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Essay on “Media Coverage Should Be Ethical and Responsible” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Media Coverage Should Be Ethical and Responsible

Media covers radio, television, communication, journalism, newspapers and periodicals. Television is system of mass communication, involving the transmission of images and sounds to distant screens, by electronic means over electrical or fibre-optic transmission lines or by electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). TV is a vastly important medium. Newspapers are publications usually issued on a daily or weekly basis, the main function of which is to report the news. Newspapers also provide commentary on the news, advocate various public policies, furnish special information and advice to readers, and sometimes include features such as comic strips, cartoons, and serialized books. These are different sources of information for the public. Coverings on war are one of the most tedious works in the field of media. There has been a tremendous change over the media coverage on the war and past media in the changing times.

Over different wars, media has progressed in its technology to show viewers more coverage. It has given us a chance to see a war thousands of miles a way on their living room television. It shows us things that are going on around the world, that at one time took months and know only take seconds. Coverage has changed a great deal sense our previous wars. In today’s war, we can turn on our television and see bombs getting dropped on Afghanistan. In our past wars, we would never see any coverage of the war on our television. Today we can see war coverage on many channels. Society has been effected by this, because they want to be informed about the war, and they don’t want to see just pictures. I also believe they want to get a feel for what it is like in Afghanistan. In the past, It may have taken a long time for news to get back to the United States.

Today, we can turn the television on any time of the day and watch the war coverage. A channel such as CNN covers it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It took many months for stories to pt back to the U.S. in our past. Media has effected our society by making it impossible for a government leader to make a decision on anything without public opinion because of how fast news gets back to the U.S. It has also effected our society by getting us informed faster, quicker, and easier. Presently, media has one OR one interviews with our enemies. This shows that society has grown so accustom to reporters that our hostile enemies will communicate through them to talk to us. In the past, we would never communicate with our enemies until the war was over or until they were dead. Our media uses very different technology to communicate about war. Media has effected our society to where we expect to see those things on television and to constantly get filled in on all the current news even. Today not many people have apathy towards media coverage. Media coverage of wars has changed a great deal sense our last ones. Some believe for the best and some believe for the worst.


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