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Essay on “Let Women Take Over ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Let Women Take Over 


  1. Men have ruled till now: world is no better place-politically, socio-economically, environmentally.
  2. Women have achieved a maturity and several good qualities born out. of the oppression and ,suppression” undergone through the ages.
  3. The skills she brings to manage a home can make her competent to manage a larger region.
  4. Women’s physical weakness made up for in mental , strength.
  5. Today’s woman, given the opportunity, can accomplish as much as men.
  6. Women would bring more sensitivity, fair play, and compassion to position of power.


The world has been ruled by men for long and just one look at the state of things today makes one feel that they have played a poor part. They have failed to fulfill all hopes of making the world a better place to be with the passage of time. The world today is ravaged by war and disease-and many other disasters created purely by the efforts of men to achieve more than they are capable of. It is a world showing symptoms of a dangerous kind, of things that would only destroy its well-being-the global arms race and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, a fast depleting ozone layer and other environmental hazards created by men at the helm. It is high time that women take over the reins although it would be a world of bleak prospects that would fall to their care.

What makes women fit for the role is their mettle. And this has not been derived or nurtured in an instant; one can trace it to centuries of oppression and suppression that have nevertheless relentlessly demanded many things of a woman. She has never been allowed the security that comes of belonging-when still a child, it is her duty to submit to the wishes and demands of her parents and brothers at home, and later in life it is her duty towards her husband and children that is of the utmost significance. But to begin with, she has never had a single home! First it is her parents’ home where she is expected to feel fully secure. And once she comes to feel that she belongs there, she is shifted to her husband’s home which alone from then onwards may mean everything or anything at all to her.

Patience, forbearance, calmness of temperament and nature-all these and much more have been demanded of her at all times though, in reality, she has only been exposed to conditions capable of fostering the very opposite of these qualities. The male of the species may waver, be irritable or even act according to his whims and fancies; but women must always be controlled in their thoughts and actions and virtuous to the core. And the reason why she must be so? For the sake of the stability of the home and the well-being of the family-as if the man had nothing to do with the home and family! Such double standards have coerced her to submit and adjust without any concern for her own wishes and aspirations in life. But she has put up with all these for centuries in a stately manner without being adequately satisfied in return.

Ironically, aeons of denial and sacrifice have nurtured in her all the qualities she proudly possesses today and which have established that the females are superior to the males. The qualities that belong to the modern woman prove her mentally stronger than men when it comes to facing the deep realities of life. It is a scientific fact that girls mature earlier than boys do.

Many may doubt the true emotional and physical Strength of women. It may be argued that after all she is physically weaker than men and is the first to break down tinder emotional duress. Such contentions do not take profound realities into consideration. Were women in truth as weak physically as some portray them to he, would they be able to undergo all those physical pains involved in childbirth not once or twice but again and again? And anyway. how much has physical strength to do with running the affairs of the world? There. are a lot of emotional complications involved in child bearing, child rearing and other biological functions restricted to the female sex. These are, however, a part and parcel of a woman’s biological life. Nevertheless she successfully copes with them viewing them as such and at the same time has other problems to deal with in the normal course of life. What more is required to prove her emotional strength? And, by the way, tears are just a way of expression that women are prone to more often than men. It, in no way, indicates any emotional weakness but rather unburdens the suffering mind so it can feel relaxed at the earliest and concentrate on clear thinking. It is only by suppressing sorrows and tensions within the breast that a man opens himself to long-time anxieties that may ultimately consume his mental and emotional strength.

The strengths and capabilities of the modern woman are such that she can accomplish everything that men can. She has also now after centuries learnt to appreciate her own qualities and assert them. As a result today there is no area uninfluenced by her advancing strides. Around the world women are proving themselves capable of activities in any and every field to which they were denied access for ages. It is especially the women of the Western societies who have excelled themselves and have even overtaken their male counterparts in many areas. But women from other continents though lagging behind have equal potential in them. It is just a matter of time before they prove their potential.

It is to be remembered that even today discrimination against women is rampant at many levels and in various spheres. It is the unequal treatment still meted out to women, sometimes by women themselves, that is proving a hurdle to their total dominance in many realms. In a society as that of India, many traditional beliefs that degrade women are still given importance. Development of women’s status in society is hardly given the attention it deserves. But they have beaten it all to emerge with added strength and vision.

It is only when women come to govern the world that one can expect its glory and abundance to be saved from total extinction!


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