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Essay on “Lal Bhadur Shastri” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Lal Bhadur Shastri


          Lal Bahadur Shastri could serve as the PM of India only for a short period, about one and a half year to be precise, but during this period he established himself as one of the greatest and most lovable PM and leaders of India.

          He belonged to a humble family, as his father Sharda Prasad was a poor man. He was born on October 2, 1904 at Mughal Sarai in UP.

          He joined the Harish Chandra High School at Varansai where his uncle lived. Even at school, he was known for his intelligence, hard work, honesty and patriotic feelings, though physically he did not have much of an impressive personality, being short stature and thin,

          He took an active part in the Non Cooperation Movement and though he was arrested, he was not sent to jail, being teenaged and weak.

          He got later education at Kashi Vidyapeeth. He was married to Lalita Devi when he was 24. He did great social work at the instance of Gandhi under whose influence he had come. He later went to imprisonment several times for offering Satyagraha. He studied a number of authors during his prison time.

          He joined as Railway Minister in 1962 in Jawaharlal Nehru’s cabinet. But taking moral responsibility for a railway accident, he resigned gracefully.

          After Jawaharlal’s death in 1964, he became the PM. He had to fight the war of 1965 with Pakistan. It was the time when his retest sterling qualities of patriotism, courage and leadership came on the surface. He won the war and signed the Tashkent Agreement, but unfortunately he died of a massive heart attack on 11th Jan. 1966 while he was still at Tashkent He will always be remembered as one of the greatest Indians.


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