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Essay on “Journalism” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Today, if you pass by a roadside magazine seller, you’ll see magazines on almost every subject-computers, science, fashion, interiors, if; architecture, health, politics, economics and so on. This trend of: specialization in a particular field has opened vast career Opportunities for young people in the field of journalism. Today they can choose to write on the subject of their interest or write on a variety of subjects.

There are many institutes all over the country which impart training in the art and Craft of journalism It is always an advantage to slam with a professional qualification and enter the held after learning the tricks of the trade. However, it is possible to become a journalist even if one does not have any formal training. If you have the knack of stringing words together, an enquiring mind and an ear for what will make news then you have all the qualities required to be a journalist. Rest one learns as one goes along. It always helps if you have some published works during your college or school years.

It is a rewarding career in various ways. It keeps one well informed aware of the latest developments, changes and happenings in the world or any held one chooses to focus ones interest on. There are vast career opportunities in the field of journalism. The umpteen numbers of newspapers in various languages, journals and magazines are always looking for people with a flair for writing and a distinctive style.

Besides a career in journalism does not necessarily mean writing. You can be a staff photographer, where you can express yourself through your photographs you can be a cartoonist also.

 Journalism also offers an Opportunity to work as a free lancer. One can write for various magazines or newspapers and earn as much as a person on the regular staff.  If one has the skill of writing and is a good photographer also then one can cover a potential story all by oneself and earn a substantial amount.

Anyone who decides to opt for journalism as career must be ready to work at odd hours. After all, one can’t make news worthy things happen only during office hours. In the early years of one’s career one should be prepared to work really hard, be available at odd times, keep ones cool to really make it to the top. If one is working as a reporter, then it is not necessary that one must have been a student of literature. One should report authentically in a clear and vivid style. If need be, the polishing and the final touches can be given by the sub-editor or the editor before it is finally sent for printing.

Journalists should never take their profession lightly. They should be very careful, honest responsible and objective in their reporting. In fact, Journalism as a career demands a lot of self-discipline. There are many opportunities to distort the facts under pressure from interested parties who try to buy gullible reporters. One may have to encounter antisocial characters, threats to one’s life. These are occupational hazards especially in the field of political journalism which one has to learn to live with without compromising ones position and beliefs.

Journalism offers opportunities to travel meet people and see things actually happening. It helps to widen one is horizon understand human nature and see things in a proper perspective. Life is sometimes very exciting. But it is a mistake to enter the profession in the hope of leading a glamorous life. Any such expectations are likely to be thwarted and can lead to disappointment and frustration. A Journalists life is hectic. Journalism, as a career is demanding and at times frustrating. But one has to learn to take the good and the bad with equanimity.

Journalism as a career demands social commitment. The masses read what is reported. If the journalist does not report honestly and distorts facts then the public does not get a clear picture of what is happening. A Journalist must investigate his story thoroughly and report events in a factual and objective manner without getting emotionally involved in the subject. There is a possibility of his/her writing getting colored by his own individual opinions and ideas. This has to be strictly avoided. He/She must fulfill his/her obligation to the society in the best manner possible.

Journalism is a profession. Hence a journalist must adopt a professional approach to make a success of his/her chosen vocation. It is very rewarding profession in terms of creative satisfaction. These day journalists are paid well and looked after by their employers. The best are always being weed by the rivals. They become national hero’s e.g Arun Shourie. Thus, a career in journalism can be very fulfilling and lucrative. If one has the aptitude and the dedication, one-can be really successful in the field.


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