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Essay on “Invention Of Computers” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Invention Of Computers

The invention of computers is one of the greatest advances of modern scientific technology. Computers have become a part of man’s life and are widely used in industry, universities and all important spheres of life. At present there is hardly and sphere of human life where computers are not used in service of Man. We are progressing by leaps and bounds towards a situation when a computer will be used as part of man’s daily life like a telephone or a calculator.

Computers have the capacity to do extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. Computers can be effectively used in solving the most difficult and complex mathematical problems. The other use of computers can be in compilation of  information. Thus there will be a saving of time in research  works. Computers can provide information to prevent traffic accidents. They can do such works which make the worker dull to repeat a process hundred times or more. Automation of work through computers will save the time and energy of human life. Thus human beings will get more leisure than they have today.

Computer is the result of human mind exercise. It is a machine. It can help in any physical action. It can be used in progressing a physical work. It cannot think independently. We have to feed it before taking any mental work. We can find the answers based and limited to feeding material. First we have to  feed for a particular field to find some answers related to that field, we cannot find an answer from a vacuum because there is no independent feeling and tanking to answer without any base. Computer will never be able to replace man as they need detailed instructions from man and can never lead independent lives.  

According to Leon, in future, computers  would be developed in small sizes so that to carry them from one place to  other might

Be easy and comfortable. It will be approachable to ordinary people to use to obtain valuable information. In future, it may be possible, computers could be plugged into a national network and be used like radio or television. Computers will also be used in ordinary public hospitals. It will be easy and time saving process to make the doctor able to diagnose the nature of illness. A computer can also work in future as a tiny translating machine. This will make propel able to share the unknown language to talk or to read foreign language. Book keepers and accountants, too, could be relieved to dull clerical work. The difficult works of compiling and checking could be done entirely by computers. With the help of blood picture a computer would be able to tell the exact age of a man to live. Computer are the most efficient servants. They can be used for the progress of our lives. But a care must be there. It needs a precaution to check the answer of computer before taking serious and terrible decision in action to remove misunderstanding or mistake of computer. Computer is a helper to man. It is the mind of man, the father of the computer, to take final decision for any action not to make a computer a means of human destruction.


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