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Essay on “Internet ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



       Synopsis:  This is an age of information, InfoTech and computers.  Information is now multi-billion dollar business resulting in computer proliferation worldwide.  Information super highway or internet has revolutions the life and information technology.  By being hooked you can have access to anything anywhere in the world.  Internet is a melting pot of so many technologies which provides multimedia information facilities of law cost and great speed.  The Web seems to be the ultimate of the internet till date with mind boggling growth rate.  Internet offers a wealth of opportunities and advantages.  It promises a whole new brave world, but it can also be used for electronic rimes, pornography, etc. and need to be checked.  Regulation, uniformity and strict discipline are needed here as anywhere else. 

            The use of computer in India goes to about four decades back.  It we the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who provided tremendous boost to computers in India in 1984.  Since then the computer industry has taken long strides without looking back.  The Indian competence in computer application, programming, production etc is now an established fact.  The synergistic power of computer inductee in the country has numerous opportunities and potentials to be used, tapped and exploited.  India’s vast computer manpower is another big asset and advantage.  It is a semiconductor based electronic circuit ship having arithmetic, logic and control power required for processing, generally contained on one integrated circuit chip.  Microprocessors wren invented in mid-70s.


            IN the world do computers the ‘information super highway’ has become the buzzword.  One cannot really survive in the wonderful world of computers if one is not on a website or one’s business card does not have an internet number. A computer network is similar to that of Railway or Television network.  A railway network connects various locations with one another to fulfill common need of travel information  A computer network connects numerous computers with one another which need to communicate information to one another.  The monolith called the internet is a network of networks, the global linking of tens of thousands of businesses, institutions, universities, research organization etc. with millions of personal computers.


            The World Wide Web or W3 was originally developed in early 1990s at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (ECRN), Geneva, Switzerland to help scientists share their information.  The Web seems to be the ultimate of the internet till date and has registered mind-boggling froth rate of 341,000 per cent in 1995. In India it has been there for over a year and it has already reached over 30,000 number of users and this number of users and this unlimber is growing very fast day by day. Many Indian companies are already in the web-market to serve their business interests in the global level. 


            Network is wonderful indeed but there are many potential risks involved shin include electronic crimes, pornography, plagiarism etc. For example, recent down-loading of actress Puma Bhatt’s nude picture on the covers of some form magazines was from this internet. Another instance of internet tan use is that of 39 American people committing suicide in February, 1997 at San Diego soon after the appurtenance of the Comet Hale-Bopp thinking they spied the UFO of their hearts’ desire hidden behind the comet.  They all belonged to the bizarre doomsday cult of California called Heaven’s Gate.  They all were internet nerds and entered the organization through the cyberspace.  The all synchronized their death with the approach of the Hale-Bopp Comet.  All these suicides belonged to affluent families of San Diego and high-tech American Society. 


            Obviously, the internet suffers from lack of discipline, uniformity, global planning and code of conductor.  Individual internet enthusiasts are often seen Turing into nerds and addicts and browsing for hours and hours together through the cyberspace.  The dangers are many and serious but actually they have nothing to do with the internet.  Like any other sunder of the modern science, d computer is a tool, a device which on can uses either for good or evil purposely ultimately all computers are brain-children of human mind.  They are mere machines and can near match unman bran. If pornographic material is unloaded it is the fault of the user and not of the computer and internet.  It is the man who has to make a choice and not a machine.  However the ills and evils of internet are like tousle of satellite channels and shoo lobe checked.  Regulation as necessary here as anywhere else.


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