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Essay on “Internet Chatting” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Internet Chatting

There are lots of ways to communicate through the internet , ranging from E-Mail to live audio and video conferencing. Chatting through internet is one of the way to be able to communicate others. To join in the fun, all you need is an internet Service Provider to get you connected to the Internet. A great advantage of the internet chatting that it brings people from all over the  globe closer together. There is, e.g., Global Chat, a programme that allows people to communicate instantly through the Net. A person communicates with a girl in Manila and simultaneously to his friend in California on the same server the geographical distance seems to have been faded away. It was like having the girl next door. What a wonderful world. If you keep chatting with people all over the globe daily like this, there couldn’t be any wars. Could it?

In chatting, any number of people can come in , and have live text- based chat you can enter chants using chat software that supports IRC (Internet Relay Chat is a protocol that is the original means of chatting through the actual internet) , or from a variety of web a sites that have communities built in.

Chatting is one of the most popular activities on the internet and involves people from all walks of life and just about all ages to come together in areas where they can join in on a variety of topics that they are interested in with people all around the world. Traditionally, chat is text based but can also involve audio and  video. In public chat areas, people use “ user names” or “ nicknames” or sometimes represent themselves as graphical icons or “avatars” as they are known in the chat world.

Generally there are two categories of internet chats. One is the internet-based chat room where people can choose images to represent themselves and  propose various virtual environments. They are not real time, messages will come popup your screen if  you press the refresh or reload button. Some of the latest internet based chats use server push technology or java, which eliminates the need to press the refresh  button but it still isn’t as quick as the most popular. It is a text- based chat (no image) and real time where all messages immediately popup on screen when entered. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a multi – user, multi – channel chatting system. Imagine sitting in front of your computer and “talking” through typed messages with either one person or many other people from  all over the internet. IRC is based on a client- severe model. Yourun a client programme on your one computer that connects you to a server computer on the internet.

Some people say that it’s that cool things since toilet paper , and you know how we can’t live without toilet paper. Some of the acronyms, which are associated with the chat rooms, are a/s/l for asking age, sex and location, ‘bty’ a shortened way to say by the way.

The internet connects people and makes them understand each other. Chatting on internet is a terrific way for people to meet electronically and discuss various topics in a smooth way and speediest way. But on the other hand it also keeps people stuck in front of their computer screens. The Net tends to  keep people from spontaneously getting outside their houses. People are alienating themselves from certain other enjoyable habits like playing, spending teatime with families and friends and so on.

The internet chatting is as  cool as ice, cyber and most of the time very useful. But everything is not so good! Information flow, truma, alienation, techno-truma, harsh economies are a few of students and other who encounters the possibilities of the internet chatting, gets into it so hard that they spend almost all their time at the screen. This kind of behavior may  develop a severe addiction, causing the addicts to forget studies and social life. A warning must be issued.



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