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Essay on “INSAT-4A” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



       ISRO’S latest satellite, INSAT-4A communication satellite, was successfully launched on December 22, 2005 by the European Ariane-5 G launched vehicle of Arianespace, with 12 high power kuband transponders. INSAT-4A is the first satellite to meet the requirement of Direct-to-Home (DTH) television service apart from carrying 12 C-band transponders to augment the INSAT capacity for communication and TV services.

            The Eighth SAARC Summit was hell in New Delhi in December 1994.  The Summit urged the liberalization of world trade and dismantling of arterial barriers which impede exports from developing countries. It also focused on known areas of concern like terrorism, increasing trade in narcotics, environment protection, empowerment of women and children. Poverty alleviation dons global nuclear disarmament.  It also expressed confidence that the momentum given to SAPTA during the summit was bound to be carried forward with even greater vigor in the coming years.  When asked what SAARC had to boast of its 10 years’ existence. The then Union Minister of Commerce, P/ Chidambaram, said,” SAARCH may not exactly have to boast of by way of achievements in its 10 years’ of existence, at the same item it cannot be belittled.  SAARCH has been able to establish a strong base of regional cooperation in several areas such as agriculture, communications, education, environment, drug-trafficking, rural development, etc.   But is unfair to compare SAARC with ASEAN or European Union which have been much longer in existence.


Successful launch

            The Master control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka acquired the first signal from INSAT-4A.  The initial checks on the satellite indicated normal health of the satellite.  MCF subsequently issued commands to the satellite to make the earth-viewing   face to orient towards earth.  The satellites’ orbit is being precisely determined by continuous range from the participating ground stations.  INSAT-4A has maneuvered to its final geostationary orbit.

New generations of Communications

            The launch of the Indian space Research Organization’s INSAT4A telecommunications satellite inaugurates a new generation of domestic communication spacecraft.  INSAT-4A will be used for Indian domestic governmental and commercial telecommunications.  Its 12 Ku-band transponder have already been sold to direct-broadcast television companies serving Indians, an illustration of the surging demand for satellite telecast ion the subcontinent,.  The satellite also carried 12 C-bands transponder.  It is a demand that several commercial satellite-fleet operators would like to serve.


            The launch of the Metosat 9 satellite called MSG-2 BEFORE LAUCH FOR Europe’s meteorological satellite organization, the 18 nation Eumetsat, will give Europe a backup satellite to join its twin, Metosat 8, which is already operations.  These two satellites are the first of the four. The MSG-2 platform is a spinstabilised spacecraft developed by Alcatel Alenia Spaced to provide high resolution images of the earth’s weather activity for the European Meteorological Satellite organization.

Indian National Satellite (INSAT) System

            The INSAT series consists of INSAT-2E, INSAT3A, 3B, 3C, 3E, KALPANA-1, GSAT-2 AND EDUSAT.  The system provides over 140 communication transponders working in the C, extended C and K bands besides meteorological instruments.


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