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Essay on “Information Technology” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Information Technology

3 Best Essay on “Information Technology”

Essay No. 01

Information Technology’ comprises computers, telecommunications, television, and audio-visual media. Development of software etc. The computer is the major segment of Information Technology which has permeated and grasped every sphere of existence of human society and become indispensable. The present-day elegance, accuracy, become indispensable. The present-day elegance, accuracy, sophistication, efficiency could have been made possible only with the invention of computers. Computers software’s are gradually becoming and decisive force in making important decisions. It has become the basis of modern science and technology inventions and researches.

IT has played an important role in making the Indian economy run at a much faster pace. Recent studies conducted by leading IT associations and business intelligence concerns have shown that our country will require millions of IT professionals in the coming years. The world of computers, telecommunication, televisions, the internet and all other audio and visual media is facing rapid and radical changes presently. This has generated infinite and unimaginable new opportunities in education communication, commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, leisure and entertainment, and more particularly the service sector. The emerging IT enabled service (ITES) segment has shown tremendous and revenues of jobs for the IT professional. It is worthwhile to note that during the last 20 years, the IT industry’s present trend reflects more than 20 times an increase in ITES-BP segments. 

Information technology can contribute tremendously to economic development, particularly in rural areas. It can become a prudent pooling intriguing the nation the remit localities that have so far felt a sense of neglect will be feeling of development. With computer education made compulsory from primary and middle level, we can hope and aspire that within the next few years, India will become more interrogated and more economically robust.


Information Technology (IT)

Essay No. 02

When Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi showed his keen desire for getting a supercomputer from. America in the eighties; it seemed something strange to others. Even America looked upon Mr Gandhi’s desire with the usual reluctance. Today. After two decades, India has emerged as a globally recognized super software giant. When we synthesize the concepts of computers and telecommunications, we get the term Information Technology, which is a meta resource capable of being put to multifarious purposes governing several fields of activities.

Today, we have elaborate use of Information Technology in almost all fields of life, including agriculture, industry, banks, offices, post offices, educational institutions, communications, medicine, defense, etc. The most resounding aspect of Information Technology is the Internet and we have such new trendy terms as e-mail, e-commerce, e-governance, teleshopping, telemedicine, and so on. The synthesis of satellite systems has carried the concept of Information Technology to dizzy heights in its applicability and utility.

The most widespread use of Information Technology is through the system of interconnectivity among computers the world over. It has given us the Internet with the term. World Wide Web (www). Internet surfing has become not only a pastime with many housewives and curious young boys and girls but also innumerable businessmen who want to trade in any kind of commodities for sale or purchase. Exporters can find markets for their products and importers can contact the producer for the purpose of making purchases at reasonable rates. Scholars and professionals can get additional knowledge and solutions to the problems that pester them. In fact, the Internet has changed the world into a small village.

Information Technology can solve several problems such as poverty, illiteracy, disease, unemployment, corruption, lawlessness, etc. The quality of education in the classroom can be greatly improved through the use of computers. Some schools, colleges, universities, and technical institutions in our country have overseas links the IT.

In the field of telemedicine, we find specialists treating patients lying in remote primary health centers. Sometimes even operations are performed through telesurgery. Thus, information Technology can prove very useful in the field of healthcare and diagnosing, controlling and even preventing deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack, etc.

Thus, Information Technology can be of immense help in increasing avenues for employment. In fact, Business Outsourcing Process (BOP) has become very popular and has already provided jobs to thousands of people. In all major cities, we have offices, with business being run from home, telescopes and call centres of different companies.

IT has made banking much more accessible to common people who have got numerous facilities in the matter of maintaining their accounts and securing loans for individuals and business needs. Thus IT has given a great impetus to commercial and trade activities. It has helped all kinds of bank customers, housewives, students, traders, manufacturers, exporters, tourists, shopkeepers and others.

IT can also help in developing big infrastructure projects like nuclear plants, refineries, steel, cement, power and petroleum projects, airports, economic zones, space stations, etc. At present India is a software giant and China is a hardware giant, and if they can join hands, they can perhaps solve all their own national problems. They can even conquer the whole world and bring prosperity with a greatly improved quality of life.


Information Technology

Essay No. 03

The close of the 20th century brings the world well nigh a revolution in information technology. In the last decade of the 20th Century, this technology has entered with quite a bang, and now, it is found in every home, each office, and every area of feasible entry. However, we are on the threshold of further achievement within a few more years.

The remarkable point to be noted at this juncture is, to understand how much India has contributed to the growth of the field of information technology, on the global horizon. For example, the annual revenue of India’s software industry would be reaching the U.S $ 6 trillion mark by the year 2000 A.D. recognizing the annual recession in the market worldwide by 1995-96- India’s Software export was 16.2%. This is no mean achievement. We have the mobile phone, pagers, computer games, internet and software for application. We also have E-mail or electronic mail which is a high-speed communication system, through the internet. This system of communication is very cheap, being as low as Re. 1/- per page. This is prevalent everywhere in the Western world and is now catching up fast in the Indian scenario. The future of communication systems would include an E-mail connection, a telephone with STD facilities, and a modern card. This system of E-mail would eliminate postage, courier, and telephonic conversations. All kinds of data and information can be sent through the E-mail

The next area of development in the pipeline is the E-Com which is already prevalent in the West. This concept is also quite easy to understand. We would send an E-mail to our grocery shop for our grocery requirements. This would be sent through the Internet to the shop, and our items would be delivered to us. In the same way, firms would float their tenders and projects through the Internet. All those concerned would discuss the Project online through the Internet, orders would be placed on the Internet and the execution of the order would also be done through the Internet. This concept of E-com is fast picking up in the Indian industry also.

Still, further, another significant development in the field of information technology is the coming up of Internet shops, in the urban areas of the country. Through this convenience, a host of jobs can be done. We can send and receive E-mail, surf through the sites of the Internet and collect any required information. The Internet is also a provider of fun, as, all city guides, magazines newspapers; news of fashions movies, and other shows are all available on the Internet. Just as in the last decade we have been crazy about video games, henceforth in times to come people would surf through the Internet for any information on education, business, entertainment, and leisure.

In times to come, new technology may enable us to use our telephone as a mobile. A base set would be connected to the telephone line at home or office and we could carry an instrument similar to the present mobile phone and thus communicate with the place where the base set has been installed and, above all, all this will be at no extra charge. In the new millennium, we may also see satellite phones. Through these satellite phones, we could talk to anyone, anywhere in the world. Thus the coming of information technology would make office work simple and all this without much paperwork.

Vital growth areas in information technology are likely to include multimedia, animation, computer, aided design, and artificial intelligence.

The constraints in such development would be basically investment of money, resource shortage, and policies of the Government. However, inspite of all these constraints, the signs are for very healthy growth of Information Technology.


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