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Essay on “India Should Become Proactive To Win” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India Should Become Proactive To Win

The country that the world had, at best, learnt to live with, and at worst, expected only poverty, superstition and illiteracy from, India, has surprised even its most virulent critics in the past decade. While its contribution to the world’s technological progress both in quality and quantity is, to put it modestly, remarkable, in other areas, too, it hasn’t been found wanting. That India has bred exceptional scientists, doctors, engineers, thinkers, writers, sportsmen, artists, is no secret; that we offer a range and depth in these areas even an ostrich would find it difficult to ignore. And yet much needs to be done. India needs to take confident strides forward to join the top ten nations of the world. Unlike other nations, however, India has the baggage of its spiritual traditions and roots to keep it in check so that its progress does not exact a price in another area of life. It must embrace the future but bow to the past, in the challenging times of the present. While many might scoff at the astrological forecast putting India on the global centre-stage by the year 2011, one does not need an astrologer to predict India’s increasing importance in global affairs.

One of the important tasks before India is to secure a permanent seat in the expanded United Nations Security Council. And if indications are anything to go by, efforts in this direction are soon to bear fruit. Of the five Permanent Members of the Security Council, we have already received the clear approval and support of France, Russia and the UK. The USA is positively inclined; the last hurdle is China. India needs to persuade it to see that China cannot represent all Of Asia’s concerns especially since India has a democratic population of one billion plus. While China would be loath to share its privileged position with a less powerful India, it is not a formidable task for our diplomatic and political leaders to achieve it. Happily, Japan and Germany, the other two contenders for the sixth seat at the expanded Security Council have not made serious efforts to secure the seat as India has; India’s diplomatic campaign has been focused and relentless. Once China’s approval is gained, the seat is ours. Pakistan might continue protesting India’s inclusion. Pakistan’s various covert and overt attempts to de-stabilize India, its attempts to block India’s progress because it cannot succeed, are reminiscent of spoilt-brat behaviour. One brother is studying while the other one is doing his best to prevent him from doing so. He is making so much noise in their shared room that the studious one drops his books and spends his energies in stopping the brat. Because of this he will be an unexceptional student and that is exactly what the brat wants. He does not want him to excel in the exams because he himself has done nothing to prevent failing in the exams.

Only self-delusion rooted in false vanity can make Pakistan imagine that it can take on the Indian giant and succeed. True, it might meet with limited success in a hijack here or a bomb-blast there. True, these events also make for great Press coverage. But all these only give the flu to India, not cancer.

India needs to urgently rethink its strategy on Kashmir. Accept a mediator and name Putin. Let Pakistan take it from there. We are open for business, our words and deeds must say. We are willing to negotiate, we are reasonable and fair. This should be our stand. The reason for India to be in a compromising, negotiating mood is not far to find. It is difficult to create, easy to destroy a city, a region. India wants to grow and get out of its difficulties. The last thing both India and Pakistan need today is war. Elimination of religious extremism, devolution, and structural changes in national and provincial politics are experiments that will only be perceived as yielding desired results when the economy is out of depression. That will not be possible unless there is a lot of internal and external investment. The instant remedy that can generate an investment-friendly environment is peace at the borders. What is required of the President is take a bold step. Peace with India would cure most of our ills. He must struggle to achieve it, through dialogue or through diplomacy or through reconsideration of the existing policies.” It could not have been better analyzed. And for similar concerns, India, too, needs to give warmongering and the rhetoric a rest. It is time for a secret agreement to be made between Vajpayee and Musharraf; an agreement that would reduce the tensions, stop the hate-rhetoric, halt everything else so that their economies might become stronger.


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