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Essay on “India- A Soft State?” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India- A Soft State?

A country that took pride in joining the nuclear club had to bend on its knees and succumb to the hijackers’ demand. “in the wake of the recent deal with the Pakistani hijackers for the release of the Indian Airlines passengers in exchange for their three  hardcore terrorists, it is very easy  for any professional defense analyst to castigate the government of India. Brahma Chellaney says, “ India has exposed itself as a soft target for further daredevil terrorist acts”. When was India not a soft target? Was it not so 10 years ago when five terrorists were released to secure the release of the then Home Minister’s daughter? Was it not soft in 1956-66 when the Haji Pir pass of J & K was recovered by the Indian army and lost to Pakistan at the negotiating table?”

“The Indian Airlines hijacking incident shows that our country is the “Most Soft Area” for the hijackers to operate easily and successfully. For the earlier hijacking the Congress government released terrorists in exchange for Rubaiya. We have to pay a price for that decision – that a VIP exerted pressure, and now the public in turn have exerted pressure for releasing terrorists.”

“The deal with the hijackers at Kandhar by the Vajpayee government and the subsequent release of three terrorist leaders is a national humiliation. The flight of External Affairs Minister to Kandhar with the released terrorist leaders has made this deal even more humiliating. This shameless surrender to the hijackers is a proof of the government’s weak – kneed policy.”

The above mentioned different opinions clearly show the Indians as well as foreigners are getting the impression that India is a soft state. The Indian government should take tough decisions to tackle the terrorists to erase the impression the India is a ‘ soft state’. “The Government may deny it but India has become a soft state since the seventies. The Shimla agreement in 1972 was a climb down. The Alliance Government has inherited the moth eaten legacy of a soft state from the congress. With the fourth most powerful defence forces in the world, the Military Brass was neglected and sidelined at  coordinating the  National Defence. It is unlikely to improve so long as the bureaucracy, continue to rule under the guise of civil supremacy.”

According to H.S. Hande- ‘The recent hijack of Indian Airlines aircraft and the price paid for the release of hostages calls for deep introspection by the nation. Within a day of the hijack, the relatives of the hostages aided by different vociferous sections of society, began supporting the demand of the terrorists for release of hardcore subversionists from Indian jails so that their near and dear ones could return to safety. The electronic media too did not lag behind in projecting the mounting pressure on the Indian government by its own people to ‘surrender’ to the terrorists. It is ironical that less than six months back this very nation was one in  demanding that the Indian government send its troops across the LOC in Kashmir to recover Pak occupied Kashmir and to teach these very same terrorist and their sponsors a lesson. That, in the process thousands of soldiers would have been massacred and a few thousands maimed for life was not a consideration. What if the families of the many soldiers who were ‘ sacrificed’ had all thought on similar lines and attempted to pressurize the Government to compromise just to save their kith and kin facing certain death? Can it be that the men in our Armed forces are paid to die- just for securing our borders from terrorists and intruders but the lives of some other are so precious that the nation should settle for any compromise for their security?

What Mr. Vajpayee, the P.M. says in public should carry weight. He should not be seen as a leader who does not keep his word. All words and no action can be a self-defeating exercise. Mr. Vajpayee fought the Kargil war entirely on Indian territory but now he is saying – he will not rest until the entire Jammu and Kashmir has been gained. When the hijack occurred , he vowed – “We will neither be afraid of nor buckle to terrorists threats.” He surprised the nation and the world to accept the demand of terrorists. Jaswant Singh’s flight to Kandhar with the three free terrorists ranks as one of the most shameful events in international diplomacy – proving India a soft state.

“None are so blind as those who will not see.” India rarely draws the appropriate lessons from its bitter experiences. In case of Kargil, India was too quick to declare victory. No real victory can allow an enemy to go safe. The answer to Pakistan’s strategy to hemorrhage India is not tough words and barren action but soft words and deterrent action.

We have the world’s toughest laws to deal with terrorism and terrorists. If needed we should frame such laws having no room for human rights. We have two decades’ experience of terrorists’ activities. They are not human, they are criminal. There is no need to treat them human because terrorism is violence against innocent citizens. It is a must to erase the impression nursed by Pakistani Military that India is ‘Soft State’.


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