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Essay on “Impressions of A School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Impressions of A School

School is a centre of knowledge. It is a temple of Goddess Saraswati. I like my school. I like most of the subjects but I do not like the constant pressure and the competition, school –work and homework take my whole life. I do not have time for bobbies, for friends, for relaxing or for making fun. I agree that schooling is necessary but why does it have to be so boring. Why we are treated like machines, to be switched on and off, and fed with facts? Why can’t school be more interesting and more  challenging? School is not just a place things together. I learn lots of new things. I enjoy working hard. I have a lot of fun. I shall be really sorry when my school days are over.

What is the intention behind a school? School is a training  centre to make one a Man- a complete Man. The work one does, does not go waste but makes one fit and suitable, for the pulls and pressures of life. I feel that we are given much homework which consumes all the time. It makes  us mechanical. We have little time for hobbies, gossiping etc. I find the subjects boring and tedious. They are hardly related to the  realities of life. I feel that we are a part of machine called school. We have our own likes and dislikes. We must have time for playing, talking, enjoying leisure etc. we are hardly left with any time for recreation. On other side I think , we are made to struggle. There is a purpose in it. It is to live happily afterwards and discharge our duties o our family, society and the nation. I must spare some time for other things too.

 I feel that the subjects taught in a school have no utility. A formula of Mathematics   is not going to help one to earn bread. Home work leaves no time for recreation or playing. We are taught stale subjects. For example , history is a playing. We are taught stale subjects. For example, history is a record of past events who was murdered and who won. We want up –to- date knowledge of the subject. If we are made to struggle, there should be a purpose to achieve. The subject related to life- problem should  be taught. We are humans. We should not be treated like machines. We should take the examination as a challenge. Some subjects. Have no utility. They should not be taught. A mathematics formula is not going to help one to earn bread. The variety of  subjects taught in a school helps us know more and more things. Knowledge is vast. It should be learnt through various interesting teaching methods showing the utility of the subject in life.  

School is necessary for education. Education makes us progressive, large- hearted, tolerant and civilized. There should be all round development of a student. The education is not a burden but it is a ladder to progress. More stress should be given to education  – to be taught through practical social activities for proper experience of life. The life of school and the social life of outside school should have a link to understand the reality of life. There are the sweet and bitter experience based impression about school life. An impression of an ideal school becomes a sweet memory of school life. 


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