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Essay on “If I Won the Prize in a Lottery” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Won the Prize in a Lottery

Outline: One’s character is reflected in what one wants to do — my prize money would not remain with me for long — i would use one – third of it for my education — I would not forget my kith and kin — I would spend the remaining amount on charity.

Ever since the State Governments introduced their lotteries, the common man has had a chance, however remote, of winning the first prize and an excuse, however flimsy, for dreaming of becoming suddenly rich. What would ‘I do if I won the first prize, say, of ten lac rupees in the Maharashtra lottery? What a man would do in such a situation depends on his character, his attitude to life, his ambitions and aspirations. One’s character is reflected not only in what one does but in what one wants to do.

Like Charles Lamb, I believe that money kept in one’s pocket burns it. So don’t expect me to hoard my prize money or to make it multiply by depositing it in a bank or investing it profitably. It is bound to vanish in a few years. Besides, ten lacs aren’t really much in these days, is it? I have got a ready and clear – cut plan for disposing of that ‘fabulous’ amount—should it ever descend into my pockets from the blue.

In the first place, I would recall and act upon those wise proverbs, ‘Charity begins at home,’ and “Self – help is the best help” I would set apart three lacs of rupees for my education and improvement of mind. I have set my heart on being a doctor. Monetary difficulties would no longer thwart my desire. After obtaining a degree in medicine from a good Indian University, I would go abroad for further education. Generally, I do not set store by foreign degrees, but since a foreign degree continues to be regarded with awe and envy in India, why should I forgo it when I could afford it? Moreover, I would broaden my outlook and enrich my experience by observing different countries and cultures.

Not that I am utterly self – centered and indifferent to others. I would distribute three lacs of rupees among the members of my family, near relatives and intimate friends. Unless I shared my good fortune with my kith and kin, I would feel a sense of guilt which would prevent me from utilizing the opportunities for education.

The remaining four lacs of rupees I would spend on charity. I have my own conception of charity. I would not offer donations to educational or humanitarian institutions. After all, there are philanthropists who are generous enough to help such institutions usually on the condition that they be named after them. I would assist a few promising individuals – students, writers, artists or scientists who, handicapped by poverty, are struggling to achieve recognition in their chosen spheres. Once such individuals achieve success, praise and help are showered on them, but nobody cares; for them during the period of their trials and tribulations. If I had the means, I would help such people.

Thus, you see, I would have nothing left of my fortune after a few years. I do not like to live on a windfall. Having armed myself with a good education, I would for existence, earn my own living.

Difficult Words: Flimsy – thin, slight. fabulous – unbelievable. from the blue -unexpectedly. thwart – obstruct, frustrate. set store by – attach importance to. kith and kin – friends and relations. philanthropists – persons who help the needy. tribulations – difficulties, sorrows. windfall – fortune got by chance.


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