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Essay on “If I Were The Prime Minister of India” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were The Prime Minister of India


An old proverb says “ as the  king so are his subjects”. A Prime Minister epitomizes the nation. In a democratic state, the Prime Minister is the captain who steers the ship of the nation. I would go through the history of former Prime Ministers of my nation and make a careful analysis of the details, events and happenings that affected the nation in the past. As a Prime Minister, my vision would be to develop India as a strong self- reliant nation where everyone has the freedom of work, express his feelings and enjoy the fruits of labour put together. Would select an efficient and dedicated ministerial team and allot the portfolios by placing the right man in the right place. I would ensure human excellence in all fields to gain public confidence.

The human body is the peak of evolution. Any evolution now is possible only of mind, its intellect and thinking power which differentiates men from the animals. Hence to elevate the dignity of the individual and to magnify the finer qualities of citizens would  be my priority. My principle would the Prime Minister of India, I would try to achieve the national goals set by our patriotic leaders in the Preamble to the Constitution.

Indians have solemnly resolved that India will be a secular democracy, irrespective of the religion practiced by individuals. “Humanity” would be the state religion. My government would secure equality, justice, fraternity, human and fundamental rights for all citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and sex, I would help in the evolution of a “fearless society” with individual security” which would work for universal brotherhood.  

I would uproot the caste system in India which creates injustice, inequality and destroys self- esteem. I would remove the column of caste and religion form all government records and application  forms. Reservations would be based upon the economic condition of the individual. I would not develop xenophobic nationalists by citizens with international understanding. India is a socialist Democratic republic , hence my duty would be to provide all citizens , basic essentials of life- food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, employment, clean water, air and environment; and to ensure their psychological needs, security and recognition.

My first step would be to educate and make people aware about their rights , duties and challenges faced by India. For every citizen primary education would be a must no matter whether a child or an adult. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women’s education would be emphasized because educating women means educating a family. My aim would be to achieve 100% literacy which is employment –oriented. Outdated courses would be abolished. Moral sex education would be compulsory part of school education. Suitable manpower would be developed according to modern and national needs.

Higher education would be strictly based on merit. Indigenous research and development facilities and centers for excellence would be set up to stop the  brain drain. India will collaborate with leading technologies in the  world through the institutions like BARC etc. “Serve India for minimum period of 3 years” would be the rule applicable for students passing out from government- aided institutions. I would ensure for them equally- attractive job opportunities, environment conducive to their satisfaction and handsome perks to prevents brain drain.

For India, I would like to make India today and India tomorrow IT savvy. My aim would be to spread.

Computer , internet and telephone lines to the remotest village of the country. Self- employment is the need of hour. Special training sessions would be organized for the youth. Loans will be made available for the deserving with follow up action. My message to the countrymen would be “Employ yourself and provide employment to others.” “ dignity of labour”  would be re-stabilized to improve the living standards of people. I would try to utilize the boon in IT sector to bridge the ever- increasing gap between poor and rich by creating more employment avenues.     

Overpopulation nullifies our achievements and creates a vicious circle of all other problems. Malnutrition, insufficient medical care, high infant mortality rates and problems of aged are some of its direct consequences. Domestic violence against women would be made punishable under law. Combined old age and juvenile homes would be planned to satisfy  complementary needs of each group. Cities have become overpopulated although acres of fertile land are wasted for their expansion. Planned redistribution of resources and population would be my priority. 

A sound mind and good physical health are the pre-requisites of any development. Half of the India children are severely under- nourished. Health of mothers and nourishment of children through mid- day meals would be ensured. Public awareness and strict laws against child labour would be my aim.

I will keep my eyes open and focus on implementation of planning objectives to the totality. I would review why our Five- Year Plans have not been a splendid success and would give more authority to grassroot level workers to remove  the hindrances of red tapism. I would exhort every citizen  to emulate the example of Japan, a country which has emerged as an economic giant utilizing its  it human resources only. To achieve high growth rates, I would recommended a balanced industrial and agricultural development.  Economic liberalization would be continued in infrastructure and technology- intensive areas. Small – scale industries would be aided to enhance growth   of traditional foods, agro- based products and handloom industry. Export regulations would be relaxed to gain favouralbe trade balances. Taxes on basic necessities and staple food would be abolished and high taxes would be levied on luxurious items, alcoholic drinks and tobacco. While subsides would be gradually withdrawn with the growth in economy, public distribution system and housing programmers would be continued for the poor.

Indian police would be modernized to deal more effectively with  so – called “underworld” criminals. Awareness programme against social evils like dowry, sati and child marriage would be continued. Criminalization of politics would be checked at all costs. Gandhian principles of honesty, simplicity and need – based  optimum expenditure would be followed to control the fiscal deficit; laws will be made to nab Cyber criminals. Through periodic meetings, Centre- State relationship would be strengthened. I would ensure that legislative. Executive and judiciary committees work with more coordination and harmony and the judicial process becomes faster and more reliable. Parliamentary session would be more dignified and strict disciplinary action would be taken against defaulters. Electoral reforms are must for success of democracy.

Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Cross- border terrorism and infiltration would not be tolerated at any cost. However, option of peace talks would be kept open. Crisis situations like kidnapping and keeping children and people as hostages for ransom, these situations will be firmly dealt with. Might will not be the right in my state. A combined international programme against terrorism will be initiated. Our commitment to global disarmament through time- bound destruction of missiles and nuclear weapons would be a s strong as ever. I would argue UN Security Council in more democratic setup of such international organizations. Mother earth has been unimaginable polluted by man’s greed and ignorance. Under the “environment compulsory. For controlling vehicular pollution, use of unleaded petrol & CNG will be made compulsory in both private and public transportation system.

Forest and wild life protection squads will be provided with modern facilities to check poaching and smuggling. Afforestation programmes would be encouraged in all government and non- government organization and institutions. Research and development in the field of unconventional sources like wind, solar, geothermal and degradable plastics and “ clean and safe water” projects would be given special attention, public would be me aware about the harmful effects of plastic littering. Efforts will be made to improve the civic sense and cleanliness habits of people. Even after knowing what is correct people don’t practice it. This problem of mind pollution often remains undisguised. I would  make moral education compulsory for everyone through different channels like school, colleges, offices and media (both print and electronic ) etc. I would appeal to my countrymen to be “ spirit- oriented” because if the spirit is correct, results are bound to follow.

Instead of being an autocratic, I would prefer to be a flexible Prime Minister. However, I would not hesitate to take harsh decisions if the situation so warranted. In our quest to revive the glory of India as an ideal for the world, I would appeal to my countrymen not to leave the richness of India values. In the rapid process of becoming world citizens” the message of “ unity in diversity” alone can show the path of enlightenment to the world. If I were the Prime Minister of India I would make the country a paradise for the common man- a country of our dreams, a country all can be proud of.


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