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Essay on “If I Were A Rose” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were A Rose


A rose is known to be one of the most beautiful of flowers created by God. It has the dual luck of being beautiful and attractive and also has a fragrance in it, which it spreads wherever it may exist.

If I were a rose, I am sure I would be very proud of my Very existence knowing that I have beauty and fragrance, and that, I am among the most loved ones of the species of flowers. If I were a rose, I would be very happy and proud but, then, I would be bereft of seeing myself. Of course, the people coming to admire me and my other colleagues would fill my ears with all the praise for me and, I would surely believe it all they would serve me as mirrors of my beauty. When, I’d hear all around me applause for me, I would jump with pleasure though, no one would see me in my moments of happiness this I know because, man does not have the fine Vision of seeing through flowers for their intense feelings.

I would stand aloof from all other flowers in a garden and when people would see me and the other flowers, I dare say I would be the jealous one for, I would wonder why the onlookers were sparing even a glimpse for other flowers when I in all my majesty stand in front of them? Though this would be a very selfish thought and attitude but, after all it is natural. How can any one resist the feeling of one up when one is convinced that he/ she is one up? Don’t you agree? When I know that I am the best looking flower in the garden, how should I not be jealous of people seeing others in my presence?

However, these days of my glory and pride would be short lived, and not last forever. I know that, all life has to die one day or the” other. As far as we flowers are concerned It.  I know that, as soon as we are plucked from the plant, “our T. fate is sealed, and death imminent. whenever I would see other flowers and the flowers of my species also being plucked for some purpose, I would only pray to the Lord ‘ Almighty that my last «moments be spent at HIS feet. The thought of just withering away with age Without being used would sometimes give me the shudders. Another eventuality of being used in a bouquet for the dead would make me often feel depressed. I would often pray to God that, HE give me the good fortune of being used in a bride’s garland or, even better than that, God, ”I fall at your feet in the last moments of my life.” How so very wonderful it would be if I, as a rose could lie at the feet of my Creator GOD in any temple or cathedral, only to be picked up when dry and completely dead, to be thrown in the waste bin.

Thus if I were a rose, in my youth I would be proud of my beauty and achievements and then my life, each day in it, would be spent in wondering what my end would be, for, daily I would see and hear of my friends going out of the garden for different reasons. The very thought of my end would give me the creeps and all my vanity would see a decline by and by. When I would be mature enough, I would keep my fingers crossed whenever any gardener would pluck any of my colleagues for a purpose my heart would miss a beat and I would pray ”Oh! God grant me my end at your feet.”


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