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Essay on “If I were a Dictator” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I were a Dictator

Outline: My belief in democracy — as a dictator, I would propagate the ideals of democracy — priority to education — how I would use the radio, the press etc. — how at last I would cease to be dictator.

Let me state, at the outset, that I firmly believe in democracy. I believe in the rights of the individual and freedom of opinion, which are the essence of democracy. It is true that democracy as a form of government is not free from defects. Yet, it is preferable to other forms of government which suppress individual freedom. I detest dictators and dictatorship.

If, however, dictatorship was thrust upon me, I would use the opportunity to propagate the ideals of democracy and educate the people for democracy not only as a form of government but as a way of life. I am aware that the people of my country are not yet fit for democracy. The majority of them are illiterate and do not exercise their franchise in a responsible and independent manner. As a dictator, I would have vast powers and full control over the educational institutions and media of mass communication like the radio, television, internet and the press. I would have no hesitation in using all these powers to further the cause of the system of government dear to my heart.

Aware that the success of democracy depends on education. I would launch a gigantic programme for educating the young as well as adults. Numerous schools and colleges, suitably equipped and staffed would spring up all over the country. They would not only impart knowledge to the young but instill into their minds the ideals of democracy and train them in democratic processes and methods. I would give the highest priority to education which today happens to be the Cinderella of many governments in under – developed countries.

The Radio, Television, the Press and the Cinema exercise an incalculable influence in moulding public opinion. I would use these media of public entertainment and education in order to establish democratic attitudes and traditions. it goes without saying that I would discourage and, if necessary, suppress all fascist and anti – democratic tendencies in the country.

When at last the people are ready for democracy, I would relinquish my high office and merge into the common people. That day would be the happiest day of my life. I have no doubt that I would go down in history as a dictator with a difference, a democratic dictator, paradoxical as the phrase may sound.

Difficult Words: Suppress – put down by force. propagate – spread more widely. franchise – the right to vote at election. priority – importance, claim to consideration. Cinderella – a neglected person or object. moulding – shaping. fascist – dictatorial. relinquish – give up. paradoxical – contradictory.


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