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Essay on “If I Become The Prime Minister of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Become The Prime Minister of India


If In Become An All Powerful Person in India for a Year


Essay No. 01


  Pen in hand, I wonder, what I should write.  What an idea!  Can I become the Prime Minister of India? Well, why not? There are no basic qualifications for that.  I am a citizen of free India.  I have all the qualifications of a modern leader.

                If, by some stroke of luck, I become an all- powerful person in India even for a short period, I am going to change the face of this country.  The first thing I shall lay my hand on would be education.  I will  change the entire system of education and make it purposeful, useful, interesting and easy.  I will change the entire system of education.  There will be no pass-fail system.  Everyone who completes his courses will be declared successful.  Teaching and testing will go hand in hand.  More stress will be laid on practical work and vocational training.  Education will be free and universal.  Open textbook system of examination followed by viva-voce test will be introduced at all levels.  Teachers will be asked to re-orient themselves for the new challenges and steps will be taken to make the teaching profession really attractive.  Sub-standard and ill-equipped teachers will be thrown out and really talented people will be inducted into the profession.

                I shall introduce some drastic changes in the system of elections.  No person who is not educated up the matriculation stage, will be allowed to contest an election.  Elections will be financed by the State.  Defection will not be allowed. Elections will be free and fair.  Really, capable men will be encouraged to come forward and join the government.  All parties will be allowed a free use of the All India Radio and the Doordarshan.  Independents and regional parties will not be allowed to contest.

                There will be equality of opportunity for all.  The system of reservations of jobs will be scrapped.  Merit will be the only criterion for jobs and admissions.  There will be no place for nepotism, corruption and recommendations.

                I shall try to establish a truly socialistic pattern of society. The gap between the rich and the poor will be narrowed down.  Nobody will be allowed to hold more than one house.  Right to property will be taken away.  The rich will not be allowed to become richer beyond a certain limit and the poor will be taken away.  The rich will not be allowed to become richer beyond a certain limit and the poor will not be allowed to become poorer.  Medical treatment will be free. There will be no unemployment.  Agriculture will be given the highest priority.  Family planning will be strictly enforced to achieve a target of zero growth.  Cottage and small scale industry will grow simultaneously with heavy industries.  More and more hydel power projects and solar power sets will be installed so that there is no shortage of power in the country.

                Character building will also receive an important place. Textbooks will be re-written to build up character, a sense of nationalism and patriotism. Every student will be made to feel that he is an Indian first and an Indian last.  They will be made to participate to constructive activities and will be called upon to build a new India free from poverty, dirt and lethargy.  Sports and cultural activities will be encouraged on a big scale.  Sportsmen would be caught young and given an intensive training so that they bring a fair name to the country in various international meets.

                Under my able stewardship, the country will march on the greater and greater prosperity.  Evils like corruption, smuggling and hoarding will become things of the past.  Our country will be a heaven of peace and prosperity.  In the international field, India will occupy a place of honour.  All this is no bragging or self-praise.  Nothing is impossible.  I shall do my best to fulfill the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation.  In a very short time, my country will become a land of peace and prosperity where every head is high, where every hand is busy, and where every heart is happy.


Essay No. 2


If I were the Prime Minster of India

I wish I were the Prime Minister of India so that I might serve my country in most  humble manner. The Prime Minister enjoys the highest place in the Government of Minister who has the real power invested in him by the people of the country. he is the captain of the team of ministers who head various departments of the country. a Prime Minister should be a person with all the quantities of head, heart and soul. He should be the benefactor of the masses. Any selfish motive on behalf of the Prime Minister can put the country into irrepairable  losses.

As a Prime Minister  of India I would see that the poverty is vanished from this land for ever and people get at least two square meals a day.

As a Prime Minister I would work to bring about communal harmony in the country. People  would not fight in the name of religion. Caste or language. I would take effective steps to check communal riots. My next step would be to fight corruption which is rampant these days throughout the country.

My next priority as a Prime Minster would be that India continues to acquire strength so that she can face internal disturbances and external aggression from any quarters. I would not allow any complacence in this regard, because a weak nation always invites invaders. Armed forces of the country would be well – provided in all respects so that no enemy dares have evil designs against our sovereignty.

However, I would continue to follow the policy of peaceful co-existence and  maintain friendly relations with our neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh. India would not join any power blocs but she would always  take keen interest in the non- aligned  movement. She would work for the welfare of mankind and endeavour to bring about a new economic order so that the developed countries of the world may not exploit the developing countries.      

India is a country with a glorious past and it should be our effort to preserve our cherished culture and safeguard our independence and integrity through all possible effort. The spirit of true nationalism needs to be improved in the people to work for its progress by leaps and bounds and fulfil the dreams of our great leaders who sacrificed their lives for her freedom.  


Essay No. 03

If I were the Prime Minister of India

India is a democratic republic, in which the legislators are elected through a direct election. Prime Minister is the leader of the Party that wins the election at the centre.

It means that the person, who is to become the Prime Minister, must have a strong and long active political career. I have no such background and I’m not sure if I’ll be having such a background as I grow up. Therefore, the chances of my becoming the Prime Minister of India are almost nil. In spite of this, I do not find anything wrong in imaging myself to be the Prime Minister of India.

Thus, if I become the Prime Minister of India, I’ll do certain daring things which will be very useful for the Indian nation and the Indian people.

First of all, a country must be very strong in military and economic terms. So, I’ll start many factories in India itself to manufacture the latest and most supplicated weapons for the defence of the country. As for the economic development I’ll pay more attention to rapid industrialization and exports to make India a rich country.

The common people are more concerned with their comforts. I’ll start several social safety measures like old age and widow pension.

I’ll try to tackle some knotty problems on war-footing. Among such problems I’ve listed poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, female foeticide, corruption, fake currency, terrorism etc.

I’ll pay special attention to the problems of women, children, youth and senior citizens. I hope you’ll all cooperate with me to make India strong and the Indian people rich and happy. I’ll however, give full attention to national intergratism and world peace also.


Essay No. 04


If I Were the Prime Minister of India

The Prime Minister of India is the most powerful man in the country. He rules the root. Though the highest office is that of the President, yet the Prime Minister is more powerful. The President is a ceremonial head. The Prime Minister rules over about 85 crore men, women and children of the country. No doubt, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, but who knows a stroke of good luck may elevate me to this high position in the country. For example, take Shri Lai Bahadur Shastri, who has been one of our Prime Ministers. When he was a student, he too, thought this high office beyond his reach. But by dint of hard work and a stroke of good luck he became the Prime Minister of India after Pt. Nehru ‘s death.

Even if I never become a Prime Minister, I have my own views of a Prime Minister and what he should do in the present circumstances. But I wish I were the Prime Minister to put my ideals and ideas into practice. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would first of all root out corruption. Corruption is a great bane. It has spread over all walks of life, including the administration, like a wild fire. Let alone the petty government servants, even people in high authority and government positions are not free from it. The politicians and political leaders have virtually vitiated the whole atmosphere. Every now and then there are corruption charges against them in the Parliament, State Assemblies and in public. You cannot get any work done unless you grease the palm of the concerned officials. Similarly, businessmen, traders and others indulge in dishonest, unethical and corrupt trade practices. They evade taxes, adulterate commodities, and influence people in power with their money and bribery. Nepotism, favoritism, etc., have become the order of the day. I would like to eradicate corruption by rewarding honest and sincere government and public servants. The black marketeers, hoarders and corrupt officials would be dealt with very strictly and suitably punished. People stoop too low to have money. They are ready even to betray India in order to get rich overnight. I would do my utmost as the Prime Minister to control and then to eradicate corruption.

Our successive governments and their leaders have had been following the policy of ‘divide and rule’ inherited from the British rulers. They have been using different classes, castes and communities as their vote banks. It has given rise to inter-caste fights, quarrels, communal riots and disturbances. I would see that there are no reservations of any kind on the basis of caste and community. The concept of minority and majority is basically wrong. It creates tensions, divisions and heart-burning. Everybody is equally an Indian. Then why should there be-any discrimination in the name of minority, backwardness and castes. I would create job opportunities for all. Every unemployed person would be given suitable job according to his or her qualifications and merits. In giving jobs merit would be given the highest priority. On this point there would be no compromise. The people who are really financially and socially weak would be given sufficient and far better opportunities to improve their lot through education, training and financial aid in the form of liberal stipends, scholarships and other allowances. Moreover, there would be a uniform civil code for all. I would make the registration of marriages compulsory and devise effective means to eradicate the evils of dowry. Special efforts would be taken for education and professional training of the women, handicapped and economically weaker sections of the society. But as far employment is concerned there would be no reservations at all.

I would leave no stone unturned to raise the prestige of India in the world community. I would make India strong, self.. reliant and sufficient on every front. I would see that India becomes a major world power in terms of defense and financial position. We would produce our own war-planes, guns and other defense equipment and even earn foreign exchange by selling them in the international market. The pace of industrialisation and agricultural production would be accelerated and exports would be given much impetus. 1 would see that people are hard working, honest, full of the sense of pride being Indians, that they become prosperous through honest and industrious means. I would improve the living standards of the masses and see that the disparity between the rich and the poor is minimized.

In the field of education and training, everything would be job-oriented. The use of English will be minimized and the students would be taught through their mother tongues only. The standards of education would be improved in every respect and there would be nothing like public schools. Admissions would lie purely on the basis of merit and on no other consideration. There would be greater expansion in technical education. It would help in reducing unemployment. I would encourage self-employment. I would promote both cottage, small-scale and large-scale industries. Further the migration from the villages to the towns and cities would be checked by promoting village industries.

I will do these and many more good things to alleviate the social, economical, cultural and educational condition of the masses of India, if I were the Prime Minister. I would see that there is more and more participation of the labour in the management to eradicate the problems of strikes, lockouts, etc., in the factories and mills. Black money would be uncovered and used for national good; smugglers would be severely dealt with and extremists eradicated. The more I think about India, her people and present lot, the more strongly I wish I were the Prime Minister of India, so as to re-establish the moral and human values in every walk of our life.


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