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Essay on “How I spent my last Sunday” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How I spent my last Sunday

Sundays is day of holidays. I always took forward it eagerly. Last Sunday my friend. Anil called on me early in the morning. He is my intimate friend. We decided to see the various monuments of Delhi.

After taking our morning refreshment we started and got two tickets from the Ajmeri Gate bus stand. We boarded the next bus which took us to the Old fort. We went round the Fort. The memories of the times of the Pandavas became fresh on seeing the old ruins. The Old fort has been the seat of several Hindu and Muslim Kings. Babar died here and Shershah Suri had built a fine mosque in the premises of this Fort. After this we walked on foot to the Zoo at Sunder Nagar and had the pleasure of enjoying the sight of the birds, beasts and animals. Next we visited Humayun’s tomb where we spent nearly half an hour. The guide told us that most of the Moghul kings were very fond of constructing historical buildings. Muslims queens also had a great love of the taste of building and the Tomb was built by Hamida Banu in memory of her husband. Thereafter, we took a bus and reached Mehrauli where we had the –pleasrue of seeing the great Qutub Minar. We went upstairs the building and had a look at the surrounding historical ruins. Near the Qutub there is the famous Iron Pillar which is made of seven metals. The Iron Pillar was erected by a Hindu king in memory of his victory over his enemies. On our way back we visited Tughlak’s fort at Tughlakabad. On seeing the two wells which Mohammad tuglak used for his treasury we laughed and repeated to ourselves the historical words that Mohammad Tuglak was the wisest fool. At Hauz Khas, we were able to know that kind of a university was during Muslim Period. All-ud-din Khiji had built it and it had the form of a residential school.

Lastly we reached Okra and we had a picnic here which had nothing to do with history or historical background. The lovely current of the Jamnuza and the sweet cool breeze refreshed our minds. We returned our home at 5 p.m. feeling the joy of a happy trip.


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