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Essay on “Holi- The festival of colors” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Holi- The festival of colors

Essay No. 01

Holi is one of the important festivals of the Hindus. It is a colorful festival of great joy and enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated all over the country as a day filled with complete mischief, fun, and enjoyment. Holi indicates the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring season. According to the Hindu Calendar, it is celebrated on the full moon night of the months of Phalgun.

Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of truth over evil, the victory of Prahlad over King Hiranyakashyap. Prahalad was a devotee of God. His father, King Hiranyakashyap did not believe in God but believed in his own powers. He failed to deviate from his son’s devotion to God and decided to kill him by burning him alive. Prahlad’s sister, Holika, had a God-gifted boon that she would not be burnt in the fire. She sat with her nephew in the blazing fire. Holika let herself be burnt in the fire. She sat with her nephew I the blazing fire. Holika let herself be burnt and Prahlad was saved. The truth, the powers of the Supreme God defeated the false evil.

The next day is the festive day of Holi. All hearts are filled with joy. Children throw colored water on each other while the elder people apply gulal or abir, There are noisy scenes as little groups of children move from one locality to another exchanging Holi greetings, singing songs, and laughing at their own jokes. It is almost midday when people move indoors to freshen themselves.

Though this is a festival of brotherhood and unity it has some disadvantages too. Some ill-minded people take this day as a chance to take revenge. They use dirty mud water. Use of strong colors harmful to the skin, charcoal, and grease often create a serious quarrel. This leads to unnecessary enmity and spoils the charm of the festival.

People must understand that this festival is celebrated to bring people together to be happy. They must take care not to indulge in bad practices and make it one of the best festivals. They can enjoy to their maximum amidst the beautiful colors.

Essay No. 02

Holi- The Festival of Colors

Holi is known as the festival of colors. It falls in the mouth of Fagun – between February and March.

Its origin lies in the ancient myth. Prince Prahlad worshipped Lord Vishnu. His father, King Hiranakashypu disliked Prahlad’s this act. Despite his repeated warnings Prahlad continued worshipping god Vishnu. He wanted to kill his son. He tried to kill him by throwing him from a high mountain. Next, he tied him to a hot pillar but Prahlad didn’t die. Then Holika, the King’s sister sat in the fire with Prahlad in her lap. She was blessed with a boon that fire would not burn her. Holika was burnt while Prahlad escaped unharmed. Thus the festival ‘Holi is celebrated in the honour of Prahlad’s escape. Since then it has been celebrated with great pomp and show.

This festival falls in the beginning of the harvest season. New corn is roasted in the fire and distributed as prasad among friends and relatives.

A night before this festival, a big bonfire is it. Women offer sweets and offer prayer materials to the fire. People then pray for a healthy and trouble-free year. On the day of Holi, people smear ashes of this fire on their forehead as a mark of respect to the fire and then go from house smearing color on each other. Children especially enjoy this festival. They play pranks and pour colored water on one another.

Women prepare Goonjias, sweet made of refined flour and sugar, and other salty delicacies. They offer these delicacies to the guests who come to greet them. There is also a ritual to mix Bhang, a type of intoxicating plant paste, in sweet drinks. Drinking it the people become merry. There is a lot of dancing and singing.

The darker side of this colorful festival is that many people under the guise of playing pranks misbehave with women. Children also throw water balloons at passers-by and vehicles on the roads. This has resulted in many accidents every year. People also use chemicals, paints, and muddy slush on each other, which causes skin and eye diseases. Sometimes permanent loss of vision has also been observed. The use of water-filled balloons has been banned.

It is true that Holi though started as a festival of joy has over the years become a festival that most people don’t look year we will avoid all the dirty practices that are associated forward to. So let us pledge that when we play Holi the next with it.


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