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Essay on “Examination System” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Examination System

Examination are a necessary evil. It is quite understandable that whenever we put in hard work to make successful and venture, we wait for some time to see or guess the results that might’s have been achieved or might possibly be achieved. It is in this context that examinations become unavoidable. Though methods and yardsticks employed may differ and that even widely.

A student studies the whole year and then needs to be examined. It is even in the interest of the students himself or herself to know where he or she stands and how far his or her efforts have borne fruit.

However, the examination system as we have today becomes a farce in essence. It is because of many reasons and factors. The most distressing among these factors is the menace of copying. The students who may be dullards but can manage to indulge in large-scale copying get high marks, whereas the really meritorious students who    have worked hard get low marks.

Even otherwise , the prevalent examination system encourages cramming. Those who have a good memory or can indulge. In cramming, steal a march over others who cannot do this. Then, it is extremely painful to all lovers  of transparency that sometimes even the question papers are sold in the market a day or so before an examination.

Some efforts have been made to bring reforms in the examination such as the introduction of gradation system, the setting of a number of different question papers. Objective questions , etc. but much still remains to be desired and done.


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