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Essay on “Evils of Smuggling” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Evils of Smuggling

          It is known to all that smuggling has done a great damage to the economy of the country.  It has brought about an economic crisis in the country.  This crisis is due to the presence of large amounts of black money earned through smuggling.  Smugglers are anti-national people who bring unauthorized goods into the country for sale at huge profits.  The smugglers bribe the officers and political leaders.  They build a parallel empire of their own.  Thus they pose a great threat to the existence and smooth running of the government.  The loss of foreign exchange due to smuggling is estimated around rupees 500 crores a year.  This is a big economic offence against the nation.

                Growth with social justice is the accepted principle of the nation in her economic activities.  But economic offenders become a major hindrance in the attainment of social justice and economic growth.

                Smuggling takes several different forms.  A smuggler evades not only the custom duty and control restrictions but also the income tax, wealth tax and sales tax and his business dealings do not usually figure in his books.  The concealment of these dealings and resultant income lead to the creation of black money.  This black money is used to finance smuggling operations.  Thus the various economic offences like tax evasion, smuggling and contravention of licence regulations are closely inter-related.  They have serious repercussions on the country’s economy and social structure.  They encourage dishonesty and contribute to the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few.

                The government has always been taking several steps to control and curb this evil.  Many a time, there have been big crackdowns on the smugglers.  Raids are conducted from time to time. Whenever the government officials receive any information or tip-off, they do their best to arrest the culprits and bring them to book.  Severe punishments are given whenever these anti-social elements are caught and trapped.  But in spite of all this, there is not let up in their activities.  In fact, their activities go on increasing.  The law of the land continues to be too soft for these hardened criminals.  In spite of MISA and the other laws, smuggling activities continue to increase day by day.

                Smugglers resort to several means to convert their black money into white money.  They enter into several business transactions of a Benami nature. The smugglers possess several cinema houses, hotels, shops and establishments. These cinema halls may not run any cinema shows but the account books show house-full for all the days.  In the same way their hotels for immoral purposes.  Thus, the smugglers have been spoiling the morals of the innocent people.

                The government must adopt some draconian measures to check this growing menace. Smuggling is an unpatriotic, and anti-national act and smugglers must be treated as traitors.  In case the evil continues to prosper, the entire economy of the country would go to shambles.



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